Pride Week- Finally

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Ok so my city is a little behind well more like a month behind but i'll forgive them.. kinda.
Becuase the city is soo busy with other fests and stuff our Pride Week is this week. I"M PUMPED! Although most of the events i can't go to because they are for 16 and up or 18 and up etc. Or i'm busy the day /night of the even. But i'm going Saturday to the entertainment night because my mom's work (children's aid ) has a booth set up and so she's going (since she's on the GLBT board) and my sister's friend Steven is down (GAYER THEN GAY!) and so the 4 of us are al going down. Then on Sunday is the parade which my sis, steven, myself and probably my best friend will go to and then i'll go to shock after a couple hours. But i'm just so EXCITED!!!!
The best part is that my city borders on the Detroit River and normally we hold it kinda close to the river front plaza/ that area but this year we get to hold it at the riverfront plaza which is definitaly a step in teh right direction because all the major events are held there - carousel of nations, blues fest, festival epiqure (sp?), the wine fest, and many other random things.