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[This was all pre-written for I've been sans internet for a couple days. It's long.]

We’ve taken direction. No longer is this C situation stagnant. We are now flowing along with the water.

I believe I'm out of internet for a while, so I'll just write this ahead of time. I think there’s a lot to tell, so here’s time to organize. Let’s find a beginning:

When talking via text/call or internet we didn’t talk about her liking me.
At the hotel, however, we were talking more about how S is always trying to get me off liking C and how even though she has good intentions [in thinking C will never give me the time of day] it’s still a little bit annoying. And somewhere along this line I asked “So, where do we stand as far as that goes? Is there anything to update?” [I said it pretty nervously, too]. And C responds “I don’t know. I’m still unsure.” My heart sank. We continued discussing it and how maybe she should just take a shot one way or the other, or weigh that she feels the most and lean more toward that. But in the end it’s like a solution was pointless. She told me she likes me a lot, it’s just hard because sometimes it wavers and to make matters worse, she’s not even gay. And she told me to not to be too disappointed, because the way things are going, it’s in my favor.

Still, I went to bed that night feeling a bit bummed out. [Can you blame me?] She texted me not long after our conversation saying “I love you.” Aw.

The next night I called her again and of course the subject of us came up again. This time we joked about it a bit [we joked on how I’m not pushing for her to just be in a relationship with me, but I have my subtle nudges, hah] and we called my “nudges” votes for the bill, haha. We named the bill the Unity Bill. So now every time I saw something that strongly hints to her to be with me I say “vote for the bill!” [Yeah, it’s cute.] And along the humorous line we were talking about ways we’d tell Y and S if we were to get together. My brilliant suggestion was that we’d say “Hey, we have something to say, or show you…” and fumble like we’re looking for something in our pockets or around us and then just kiss. It would be so shocking for Y and S they would flip a bitch and start going “WTF!” and I think this would be the most humorous and exciting way to “come out“ [so to speak]. C rejected the idea immediately, haha. She’s still uneasy with the idea of having them know, since she’s definitely stepped out of a comfort zone. I’m still for it, though.

Anyway, after this joking and other topics we started talking about Y and her new man friend and how they’re taking it slow because Y had just split from her long-time boyfriend. [They hangout, kiss, and in general just date. Nothing official.] And I asked C, “Would you like to do that? Just test the waters and date a bit before we call anything official, so you can see how you feel in a relationship-esque situation?” And she said “Oh, yeah, I guess” and sounded unsure, so I figured she would think about it, and our conversation moved on.

Then I said something in relation to her still being unsure [I forget the topic] and she said “Well I thought we decided on something…” I froze. “What? We did? What was it?” “That we would ‘test the waters’.” “And date?” “Yeah.” I was elated. We were taking direction!!

Now I'm writing from a hotel in Cresent City, CA. [This is the now, not prewritten material]. There's been a couple phone calls [C and I talk on the phone everday] that are worthy of journal mentioning. Since we had the previously talked about conversation[s] her feelings for me have definetely solidified, and though still taking it one step at a time, she's pretty sure we'll end up together.


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O....M.....G..... YAY!!!!

O....M.....G..... YAY!!!! *glomp* that's amazing!!! Congratulations!! Good luck!! ^^

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That's so exciting! ^.^ I'm

That's so exciting! ^.^ I'm so happy for you!

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awww good stuff!!

awww good stuff!! smiling everywhere when i read it hehe
congrats! sounds great! X)

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That's awesome! I'm glad

That's awesome! I'm glad she's open-minded enough to admit what she's feeling for you and to pursue it, even if tentatively.

BUT, I have to give you a quick caveat: you know, of course, beneath all of the elation you're feeling right now at "taking direction" that this remains a pretty precarious situation. Here's a girl who seems to be a great friend of yours, and if it just can't work out, the important thing is to sustain the friendship.

You guys are so smart to be talking your way through it. :-)

p.s. reading this, it's almost like reading about myself a few months ago, since i recently fell for my closest friend. we hinted around, finally admitted what we were feeling, turned it into total bliss, she - the straight girl - was able to make exception, and now we're happier than sin. i'm really, really, really hoping this happens with you too because it's just about the best thing in the world.

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Wow, we have an identical

Wow, we have an identical situation.

It's beautiful.