RAVEEEE! + past week or so

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hokay :D
on saturday night, me and three friends went up to sydney to go to a RAVEEE XD (Dream Universe).
it was AMAZING.
The music was amazing.
The vibe was amazing.
The drugs were amazing (lol)

And it was hella cold but I was too busy dancing and giving people massages and hugging and dancing and dancing and dancing to worry about it :D

here's some photos since we all love photos :D

thats me far right with a dummy, lol. (thanks book_freak XD)

Ya. The night was incredible. I was kinda bummed that T couldnt make it, but she's grounded for the moment so it's not like she had a choice, lol.

I could go on and on about that night but ahh, I'd just be rambling.
I met some incredible people, and the next morning Jess and I (jess is the blonde with me in the 3rd picture, she's awesome, lol) went to this guy matt's apartment with some of the people from the first picture, we got stoned and watched crazy anime and scary movies and stuff, then me and jess caught a train back home, and went to school the next day, hahaha.

Yeah, also, I'm real sick at the moment, which may have been from freezing my butt off on the weekend, but I didnt go to school yesterday or today.
Speaking of today, T came over to see me :D:D:D
She had school, but it was some Athletics carnival, so she semi-wagged and came over =]
I thought it was really sweet of her, we don't usually act all coupley and stuff but today we just cuddled on the sofa and watched crazy anime and watched Dr Phil and just mucked around, then we walked down to the shops and got coffee and waffles and then she got a train home. It was fun, and I havn't seen in a while, and I probably wont see her for another week or two due to the whole grounding thing, so I was really happy to see her today :D

My best friend's coming back tonight/tomorrow from her holiday in Greece/turkey/dubai.
Sososo excited, she's the one person I can talk to about anything and vice versa, and I've missed her so much, she's been gone about 5 weeks.
I can't wait till I get to see+hug her when shes back :D

Eeep. My brother + his girlfriend are here with food, so I'm off =]

Much love for all you guys =]


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Sounds like a lot of fun. ^.^ But aren't you on the far right in the first pic?


"There's a fine line between love and hate
And I don't mind
Just let me say that I like that
I like that"

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Ooops. Ya far right, my bad,

Ya far right, my bad, hahaha.
I don't even know who I am O_o lol XD

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Yeah, I for sure dig it when

Yeah, I for sure dig it when people post pictures on here. You look different than I expected. Not bad by any means, though. Just different.

I want to hit up a rave. But I'm sober so it probably wouldn't be the same.

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Ahh! You should definitely

Ahh! You should definitely go to a rave at least once in your life, regardless of whether it's sober or otherwise.
Actually alot of people go sober, about 25-35% I'd say, if you love the music and love dancing and the PLUR (peace love unity respect) atmosphere you should definitely round up a few friends and try it =]

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I like the bracelets

I like the bracelets =)
meeting new/random people is fun too. there's so many chill and interesting people out there, how could anyone resist!

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i look rather horrid and messy and sweaty and druggy in those photos though :|
yay for myspazz photo :D

does anyone else find it extreeeemly embarrassing when people walk in when your taking a myspace photo or something?
i was just discussing that with a friend, lol.

and yessss
meeting new people is hella fun XD

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Yeah I hate it when you're

Yeah I hate it when you're midpicture [especially self timer] and someone walks in and is like "whatya doin?" and you have to fuck up the picture for them. Psh.