Retarted People (Hopefully they never call again)

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Do people not understand that straight people are not sane in this world? Some crazy woman was calling my phone like 20 times last night...


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Once, this guy called my old

Once, this guy called my old cell phone (which doesn't share the same area code as my house) at like 11:30 at night, and he was like "Don't say anything--just listen." "ok...?" "I'm only going to say this once--alright?" "ok" "Leslie, I love you and I know we can nev--" "who the hell is Leslie?" and at that point I hung up.

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My house phone is weird the

My house phone is weird the local wine and spirit shop has same area code and - xxx as our home phone then the wine and spirit shop is 0832 and we are 0835 so we also sometimes get calls for the wine and spirit shop...