sad sonata....

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...a good korean drama.

i lovee' korean dramas :D

my dad got me into watching korean dramas my freshmen year and ever since then i was HOOKED! Out of all the dramas we saw i think that Sad Love Story a.k.a Sad Sonata was the best one ever. it's soooooo cute but also sad. i swear i cried watching this show. the sad thing is that wherever we go we can never find the DVD set like a lot of places have other dramas but this one. my dad even said that in korea he couldn't find it.

so today i was like...hmmm...i'm feeling in the mood to watch something. i thought of the show and decided to go look for it on YouTube and i found it. sad thing though is that there is absolutely NO ENGLISH SUBTITLES! :( but i don't care lol. i'm watching it without it. i think there is like 20-something episodes and i am on episode 1 part 8 lol. i'll probably be pulling an all-nighter tonight XD

you can go to ^ to read about what the show is about :)

if not, i'll probably give up and pop in one of the movies my dad bought from korea. it's really good and really cute lol. it's called A Moment To Remember. you can go to the site below to read what it's all about lol;

oh yeah, to update since my last post. i broke up with him. he took it better than i thought but it is hard for him. i talked to him for a bit and that was ok. i found out he posted a blog on myspace and i read it makes me sad that i hurt him but it was for the best. we talked for awhile on myspace and he told me that its hard and he misses me and he wanted to know why, so i replied back and idk if it made sense but i know that once he reads that it's gonna open it up to more idk. see what happens.

*sigh* okie i'm gonna continue watching the show. take cares. byee'


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Wow, you watch Korean

Wow, you watch Korean dramas? And you have to read all of it? Hey, if you can't find the DVDs, then how are you watching it in the first place (beside YouTube, of coure)?

It looks interesting. Plus, the girl looks really pretty :)

I'm glad he's doing better than you expected. Maybe the blog was just his way of getting it all out, so now things aren't as bad as the blog implied.

I hope things go well.