Scramble for the friends!!

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Just popping by to make a brief journal entry about my dilema with my friends.Friend A and friend B have had a falling out.It was pretty big and looks unlikily that they will be speaking again anytime this centuary.I am now in the awkward and uncomfortable situation of being somewhat in the middle.In my opinion friend B is the one completely in the woing and oweing a major apology to friend A.However thats just not going to happen.I would like to stay good friends with both of them and not get involved.However tonight a third friend is having a party for which we will all be in attendance and I am going to be awkward to the max!Should I avoid both of them because I feel if I talk to one then its like im leaving the other out?
I really don't want to have to pick a side!I have been friends with friend B longer than with friend A.It was actually through B that I got to know A.I love both of them but I know when I really need a friend to be there it is friend A who will be the one to listen.Friend B has been there but sometimes it feels as though it is only when it suits to be.Hmm now it seems like I have choosen a side which I don't want to!!
Arrgghh got to go get ready.Maybe I'll just avoid both if I can!This people is a bad buzz!!


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stay out of the dispute. Tell them what you honestly think (and not a favorable version to each side), and go from there. Sounds like long term, you're better off with Friend A, if it comes to that.


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