Secret Synonyms for Gay

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A secret synonym could be described as a word you and a friend share as an inside joke, a word that relates a random event known only to a select few, or your mental descriptor for a certain something.

So with that in mind, what would you/do you have as a secret synonym for 'gay' (or any other part of LBT)? Do you glance at yourself in the mirror and think to yourself "I'm especially *fab* today", or point out how 'groovy' that guy/girl is that keeps staring at you?

I'd probably go with the word 'snazzy'. Sometimes when I'm in the city and walking and highly likely stylish gay people walk by me, I'm mentally screaming 'snazzy, snazzy, snazzy!'. Either that or 'sexually charged'. What terms have you got for gay in the verbatim way?

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Me and my friends say

Me and my friends say colorful, but that's not much of a synonym. We come up with synonyms for different words, like obscene things we could talk about (gay related) like, "Ooh, Gary like the penguin" which to us means, "Ooh, Gary likes penis!" Lol.

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on that side of the

on that side of the spectrum
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Well, it's not really

Well, it's not really secret, but we like to say 'swing for the other side'. Um...oh, we sometimes describe people as prefering indoor or outdoor plumbing. Like me, I prefer indoor plumbing...heeheehee

"I can't help looking like a dyke. I put on a dress and people say 'Who's the dyke in the dress?'"

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I love that!

Indoor plumbing and outdoor plumbing...haha. I love indoor plumbing. :D

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Totally. I mean, who

Totally. I mean, who wouldn't want indoor plumbing? More to the point, who the hell would want outdoor plumbing? Eeeeew...

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It was my best friend's mom

It was my best friend's mom who came up with it. I nearly fell out of my chair when she said "Yeah, Cat here just prefers indoor plumbing, while I like the stuff outside." T, my best friend, did fall over. It was so funny.

"I can't help looking like a dyke. I put on a dress and people say 'Who's the dyke in the dress?'"

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Too old and out too long now, no secret handshakes.


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Uh with my friends we say

Uh with my friends we say 'fence batter'. But that's derogatory. We have quite a lot of made up words/ phrases so it's nothing special ('baff', 'orphans go free', 'bollocking face!', 'South Armpit'/ 'the University of South Armpit', 'bag strap' and so on).

With my other friends we would use qualifiers like 'gay as the day is long' or 'gay as George Michael in a sailor suit'. With my mother it's semi-ironic allusions and euphamisms ("well, I wouldn't be planning the wedding just yet", "when he was happy").

But 'fence batter' isn't secret, it's just a word that evolved.

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With my friends we say 'gay'

With my friends we say 'gay' when we are alone...but if someone that I'm not out to yet is around we say 'creo que es del andino', which translates to 'I think hestudies at the Andino'. The Andino is is a school here, and I am not implying anything about the school, it is just that it is very inconspicuous, since it is like 'Oh, i know that person from somewhere he/she studies (insert name here)', and actually my first crush was from that school so we kinda stuck to the name. 'Ana me mata' (ana kills me) is how we say that a guy is hot. Stupid us :)

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My sister used this to try and tell someone i was gay because she was afraid the girl had a crush on me, "I have to tell it to you strait, and andrew is not." i figure that thats clear enough but the girl didnt get it, i thought it was sortove obvious though by just looking at shoes are yellow and pink =)

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there is always the good old "plays for the other team" thing. but, mostly with my friends we use ephitets. we call butch girls dykes and girly guys fags, and everyone in general queer. we're all into reclaiming words and all that jazz.

XD, we also say 'studying scripture for smoking pot. I think that's the best euphimism in the entire world.