Shane as a Transexual; mtf

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OMG!!! okay, so, i'm a total SVU freak; i love that show. I just watched the fourth season episode, Fallicey. great, though heart jerking episode. it's about a transexual, mtf, who was attacked and almost raped, and the trial afterwards. anyway, so, i'm watching, and thinking, omg, that girl looks so familiar. it's the same actress who plays Shane in the L Word!!! Katherine Moenning, or something like that.
When I realised it, I was like, omg, shane's a straight girl, and i was all pissed, cause i thought she'd sold out. but that turned out to not be the entire story!

OMG, i'm so excited!!! freaking awesome episode, too. creepy, and kinda depressing, but who cares? my three fave TV actresses are in it; Katherine whoever, who plays shane, Mariska Hargitay as Olivia Benson, and Stephanie March, as Alex Cabot (Cabot and Benson are totally together, btw. no doubt about it). omg, i'm like, hypervintilating!!!


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*Drool @ shane* Whatever I

*Drool @ shane*

Whatever I did, I didn't do it.

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she sure does like those

she sure does like those kinds of parts; she was some girl's ex in the movie Art School Confidential too.
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