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well. i got the morning-after pill today & i took it. i had like mostly all the symptoms that you know that it's working lol. but my friend is so stupid 'cause you know how you take the first pill then you take the second one 12 hours later? well he thought that it meant that the second pill only works for 12 hours so he gave that one to the other girl and gave me the first one. so STUPID. i swear read the instructions. so i'm pretty mad that i only got to take the first one, so i'm kinda screwed 'cause what if it fully doesn't work 'cause i didn't take the second one?

*sigh* i saw the guy today. we talked for a bit. he said that if anything does happen then i should tell him and he'll stay down here for college and stuff. so i'm glad that he's gonna try to take responsibility. but he's not ready. well neither am i but i have experience with kids and i have a lot of my friends who are gonna help me out if it does happen.

i never thought that something like this would happen. i've been so stressed lately because of this. but the funny thing is that me and my friend were kinda teasing him. 'cause for some reason i was like, "ya know, i would kinda feel much better if he was better looking" and she was like "what?" and yeah. & right after she saw him, she was like "now i understand what you meant when you said that".

yeah it's mean. but i needed some cheering up 'cause i was feeling the effects and didn't feel too good.so yeah.

i probably won't be on as much anymore 'cause my cousin is taking back his laptop. but i'm gonna go take the pregnancy test on my own next week & take another at a clinic later. so i'll just update you guys on how that turns out.

okie. take cares everyone.


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You should really go see a

You should really go see a doctor and get that second pill. It might be hard, but it would be worse being stuck with a child. Maybe you should tell your parent(s)/guardian(s) also. They might be really mad at first, but they can help you and make sure no more of those stupid mistakes are made.

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Oh you poor thing- I didn't

Oh you poor thing- I didn't see your post yesterday but I've read it just now. You do need to get the second pill, but you know that although obviously it's more effective if you take it early as possible, emergency contraception works for up to 72 hours after sex so don't panic or anything.

Are you ok?

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Sorry about all that's

Sorry about all that's happened. I hope things work out in the end. Hey, try to be more careful, okay?