stupid ex girlfriend...again

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I don't know what is going on with me. I am so totally in love. It's been almost 6 months, and It just feels sooo incredibly right. But, I plan my day around her. I sit here and wait for her to call. I lay here and just wish she wasn't having a rough time. I feel like crying everytime I know she is. I feel like I need to talk to her, like I need to hug her, then she calls and needs to talk, needs a hug. All I want is to stop her from hurting, and to make her happy. I am pretty sure she is happy with me. I know she is happy with me, and we are in love with each other.

Another, ten times bigger problem. My ex girlfriend is at it again, saying she loves my girlfriend. Saying all she wants is for her to be happy. That is what I want for my girlfriend. That's not what she's supposed to want. She knows how to get inside my head and my girlfriends head. That is what she is doing again. Once things are going super great, she tries to ruin it again. She plays the guilt card. Then, my girlfriend starts to think about it. She tells me she doesn't want to break up, I don't either, I know she's telling the truth. I just don't want my ex to get in the way again.


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urgh. stupid exes. why can't

urgh. stupid exes. why can't they just stay in the past where they belong? sounds like you have a great thing with your girl though - at least there's that.

you have two very attractive girls on your avatar. i mean, i know the juggling weirdo on mine is hottie, but wow.

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You may be happy with each other, but it sounds like you need to have more of a life outside of being her girlfriend. Otherwise, what are you bringing to the relationship besides adulation? The point is to have two people living their lives, and bringing those separate energies together to create something bigger and better. So, can't spend all your time waiting around on her, thinking about her, etc.

Well, your ex isn't a problem, because if your girlfriend is into you, then there's no issue. And, if there is an issue, you can't control it anyway. There will always be other girls, so the issue isn't whether you two have options, just whether either want to exercise those options and see what else is out there. If you both don't, then you're fine. If she does, then she will with or without your consent, whether or not it's your ex. But, again, you have no control over this... so, you just let life happen. You want people to be in your life despite every opportunity to be elsewhere, not because they have to.


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