the peeling stage

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My sunburn has reached the height of irritation: peeling. I scracthed my chest so bad [and with a towel fresh out of the shower, nonetheless] that the skin is raw and I'm afraid to touch it because of its sensitivity. My back itches like critters are crawling all over it and I get random strong itching anywhere I was once sunburn. It's like my skin is fucking with me. Sometimes I'll randomly jerk.

I've been so busy these past 9 days. Actually, since I came home. I hung out with C the first two days I was back, then she left and I've hung out with Y and shit ever since. Tomorrow will be 10 days straight and I'm proud. We're going to shoot for 11 and then aim for 12. Ridiculous, we need to get better lives.

C comes back tomorrow! She says her mom might make her sleep off the jet lag before friends can come and keep her up all night, but I might run over for a bit [with Y of course] and say hello, and give her the bunch of letter-esque things [basically a journal adressed to C] so she can get caught up on the past week and a mixed CD I made her then see her Thursday. I sure miss her.


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Ouch...sorry to hear about the sunburn...


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And I don't mind
Just let me say that I like that
I like that"