The Prologue, kinda

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I have a fantastic story I can't wait to tell. It's such a wonderful story to tell that I need more concentration than my 12 at night brain can handle. And the time to write it and organize.

The past 25 hours and have been beautiful. Even the hours leading up to 11:30 of last night. Perhaps I'm still in the daze of it all, but I am just floating. Silly as it sounds.

No doubt, I think the story will be long, but worth the read.

For now, though, I'll just update on my trip. I think the last time I posted I was in Seattle. Since then, I've been to Seaside, Yachats, and Cresent City. Perhaps I updated in Cresent City. I'm not sure, and too lazy to check. I got home the 6th late at night. I thought the drive was never ending, Christ.

Oh, I can't focus, and anymore and I'll give away the story.


PS I'm happy.


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Wow, I can't wait to read

Wow, I can't wait to read it!

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Wait... AAH!

Damnit!!! You can't do this to me and everyone else on Oasis who lives vicariously through other people's journals!!!!

*grumble* tease...

Megan: "Cheers are supposed to be simple, make people feel good."
Graham: "Cheers make girls do stupid cartwheels. Orgasms make people feel good."
-But I'm a Cheerleader

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Don't worry, haha I'm not

Don't worry, haha I'm not holding out for too long. The story's being written. Considering the living vicariously part, you'll dig.

=] I do, however, apologize for the temporary suspense, haha.