There was a point to this...

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Oh, yeah, I remember now. Sorry, had a little brain fart there for a moment.

Okay, yeah. Hi. Um.....

I was just posting a comment on something, and was reminded of an odd fact. Did you know that you can't suffocate yourself by holding your breath? Your primal brain (actually, it's your spinal cord that controls it) will always force you to breath before you can asphixiate. Even if you're drowning, or know that if you try to inhale you'll die, eventually your body will take over and force you to breath. Isn't that facinating?

Oh, and another weird fact. The hair on your head, including facial hair, and your finger and toe nails will continue to grow indefinitly, but the hair on your arms, legs and pubic area (trying to be a bit PC) will stop growing after a certian point.

I donated blood today. It's awesome. I don't mind needles, and have no squeemishness toward blood, so it's just really cool. So easy to help people. And you do help people. I can't tell you guys how many people I know who's lives have been saved with a blood transfusion. And plus, I get a free pint of icecream from Baskin Robins, and a free ticket to IMAX! How could it be bad?



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that is so can't

that is so can't actually asphyxiate yourself to death! what if you choke yourself? would your hands stop pressing after a while?

keep on donating blood! That is the best someone can actually do for any community. Since I can't done myself, I enjoy helping (great opportunity to help, and to see people scared of needles freak out)

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Actually, yes. You lose

Actually, yes. You lose muscle control when you pass out, and you'd faint before you died. So technically no, you couldn't choak yourself to death.

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HAHAHA! That was the comment

HAHAHA! That was the comment you left on my journal! It's a small small internet world...

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i think i knew the

i think i knew the asphyxiate one....

huh...i spent like three hours on wikipedia looking up body hair....i think i had some purpose in mind, but anyway, i did not know that! i learned something, yay!

thank god someone's donating blood. not a lot of people do that! yay you!

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I would donate blood just

I would donate blood just because I like having needles stuck in me.
What's the thing you get money for? White cells or something technical..
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