Today + Random thoughts.

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Was me and T's 3 month ^_^

I was goinggg to buy her a present.
But I have no money =/
So I was going to get a box and fill it with random little things that only we would understand.
Like a dummy, and a little Matchbox Taxi thing, and a little light and well, yeah.
But I didn't get around to it, and T called me this morning just before school and was like "Hii :$ Happy...thing!" and it was funny at the time :P
And we discovered neither of us had bought eachother presents, so we decided to see who could steal the most bestest present from school :D
Last time, she got me a hand from one of those skeleton things, and a skipping rope, haha.

So yeah, today I scaled my school trying to find something good, then I saw this little statue of Mary, Jesus and John and it looked really funny and seemed to have sexual undertones.
Soooo. I took it :|
And YESS I know that stealing is horrible.
And stealing a religious figurine is probably worse, but ah well.

Anyways, I left school at 12 (rebell meeee)and met T in town and I showed her the statue and she almost fell over laughing XD
But her present was nowhere near as good, so we went and bought a pack of cigarettes which I claimed as my second present. Oh, and a conepiece.
And we walked down to the giant derro park and sat near a preschool/daycare place and got stoned =]
And the statue was really heavy and we were playing with it but then John's head fell off :|
So we made a little shrine on a tree and carved and cross and a smiley face and put the statue there, and put johns head on a candle next to mary. It looked weird and funny. hehe.

Then we went and got a train to a suburb like 10 minutes away to find a petshop to buy a mouseyyy :D
And we got there....
What kind of petshop sells out of animals O_O?

So time passed and whatever and then we went to another park on the way to the train station and had a really cute time just lying in the grass holding eachother and kissing and whispering cute little things and threatening to throw eachother down the hill. Hehe.

Wow this is getting long D:

But ya.
I had an awesome day.
And at the trainstation there was all the people, but for once T didn't care and we leaned against the wall and cuddled and kissed and said goodbyes and yeah =] =]

On a completely different note:
I had some random thoughts...which I've completely forgotten.
I remember some, if anyone's read this far.
1) What is your view on eating in a bathroom? And I just mean like, walking in with a biscuit or a chocolate bar or something in your hand to look in the mirror or whatever. Do you refuse (food contamination) or think "meh, just don't drop it!" ?

Also, I'm gonna post a forum topic.
I've been wondering about something and theres a forum topic similar to it but not quite.

I think, if you're gay (or fit anywhere on the kinsey scale :P) that you should go post in it =] =]

Love to everyoneeee!
And lots and lots of hugs and choccie biscuits!