True Love?

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This is slightly random, but I wanted to know how many of you believe in true love. And for those of you who do, do you think that it only happens once? Or could there be more than one person out there for you? In other words, is there only one true love for each person, or do we get another chance if we bung it up?

I, for one, believe that there is true love out there, and that yes, you can find that 'one person' more than once.

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mm.. i must say..

that i agree with you. I have found true love once already. True love makes you love yourself, or you've got to have it before you truly love someone else. I mean.. i'm seventeen. But it's happened already. I don't think love is something that you can put a limit on if everyone is capable of love. Everyone. As long as you keep believing in it after the first time, then there's hope of finding another. I think a lot of people only find one love because they lose hope in love. After the first time, when they lose true love, some people stop loving themselves wholly and unconditionally. And then, i think, you can only find it once.
Surely you can find love when you are sad, and potentially unhappy with yourself.. but true love takes you out of the well of unhappiness..
I'm a firm believer that love conquers everything, and there isn't enough love in the world...


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I don't believe in true love, because it seems to disparage love by giving it levels. Like, only TRUE love is authentic? I've never been one for nedless marketing terms. I'm fine being in love, no true love required.


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I like to think there's a True Love for everyone, but that's probably just the hopeless romantic in me...


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I used to have a puppet in

I used to have a puppet in the shape of a monkey called True Love. I got it in Florida on holiday when I was 6. I can't remember why I chose to call it that.

What does 'true love' even mean?

I believe in love. It's everywhere, it's observable. True Love doesn't mean anything. Clearly there's not only one person in the whole world destined for you, because if there was most likely they'd be living in India or China and you'd never meet them.

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"Clearly there's not only

"Clearly there's not only one person in the whole world destined for you, because if there was most likely they'd be living in India or China and you'd never meet them."

good point :)

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I've always wondered about

I've always wondered about that. I mean, how are we supposed to know we're with our true love if they're wondering somewhere halfway across the world?

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I think there are a

I think there are a multitude of people that a given person could fall in love with and remain in love with. I think some people are more compatible than others, as in, my miserly 1st grade teacher Mrs. Wild probably has fewer options for love than my compassionate, life-loving old play director. But I don't buy the whole "soul-mate" concept. I suspect if I travelled the world and continued to meet people I'd be in love with so many of them I wouldn't know what to do with myself. So I guess it's good I lead a pretty confined Midwest existence.

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Can you feel if you don't

Can you feel if you don't think that that feeling is true?

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true love happen once

true love happen once in a life tyme & sometimes do not happen at all,those are the feelings always stays in one"s heart no matter how u denied, it always there even though u can have someone else but it never die inside.