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Okay, so I was reading my little, random poem last night, and realised that both stanzas are almost haiku. So I rewrote it as two haiku. Here goes:

dark sky above me
cool grass beneath my pale skin
wind plays with my hair


stars twinkle above
are there planets high up there?
soft breath in my ear

I'm not a huge fan of haiku, but I sorta like these. And they just happened, so yeah. Don't blame me if they suck, and don't blame my muse (she's my girlfriend, and I'd have to beat you up)



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haiku is the bomb xD I'm not

haiku is the bomb xD I'm not that fond of it as a rule, but you have to love a good haiku. I think in my life I've only written one and a half haikus.

Love is like the rain:
When you hold your finger out,
Nothing lands upon.

And the half, because I wrote it with my friend for english class:

Monkey in a tree,
Hanging from his curly tail.
The tail breaks, he dies.

*is shot*

Whatever I did, I didn't do it.