Why'd you leave me, my love?

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Why'd you leave me, my love
do you wonder paths alone?
Do you think of me late at night,
or when the sun is high?
Do you wonder if I'm sleeping or driving
do you wonder if I've died?

I do.

Why'd you leave me, my love
to search for distant truth.
Did you want to call before you left,
did your warning come too late?
Did you lie awake in the middle of the night
and cry for my arms?
Did you stare out the window at passing hills
and search for my face amoung strangers?

I did.

Why'd you leave me, my love
to find some happiness?
Are you sleeping now,
or hiking?
Are you talking,
or dreaming?
Are you well,
or does your heart ache?
Are you longing to hear my voice,
or are you content with my waiting?

Where are you, my love
why do you walk alone?
What anger is this
that keeps us apart?

Why'd you leave me, my love
Why do you walk these paths alone?

My girlfriend has been away for a month now, and she won't be back for another five weeks, or so. We barely got a chance to say goodbye, and my only solace in this seperation is that she's doing something really good. I've heard that she's happy, but I wish I could hear it from her. Part of me hopes that she misses me just as much as I miss her, and part of me wouldn't wish this pain on anyone. I'm not even mad that I can't be there to help her through this...I just wish I could do something.


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*hugs* Yeesh, that sucks. I

*hugs* Yeesh, that sucks. I hope those months pass by as quickly as possible!

By the way, I like this poem. Even though I've never had a girlfriend, this poem reminds me of a girl I used to love.

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