Yay! I'm gonna see Harry Potter 5 tomorrow!

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I'm going with my friend H to see Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix tomorrow! Yay! Plus, I haven't seen H ever since the last day of school, so it's gonna be neat. I hope she likes the new haircut I got a couple of weeks ago. :D

Oh, and I wanted to post this video, because Roy Zimmerman is awesome:

It's a song of his called "Defenders of Marriage", and it is hilarious. It's about the many reasons why conservatives say gay marriage should remain illegal.

Oh, and my attempt to become a vegetarian is going well! My mom bought me some veggie burgers and tofu, and she also found some vegetarian corn dogs for me. I love her. I haven't really been having any meat cravings, either, except for whenever I see packages of beef jerky in the supermarket. I miss beef jerky.

Umm...I think that's it. Bye! *blows kisses*


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zomg I'm so jealous! I was

zomg I'm so jealous! I was going to go see it but my friend can't and I have no one else to see it with!!! :cries: I wanted to see Emma Watson!!!!

And congrats on the success of the vegetarianism :) I remember feeling so cleansed and healthy after the first few weeks.

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Guess what, guess what, guess what??!

I'm going to go to the movie dressed up as Harry! I have short black hair, glasses, a dress shirt, a tie, and nice pants, so it's like I was predestined to dress up as Harry or something! Plus, I called my friend, and she's going to dress up as Hermione! W00T!

"Women in rubber will ALWAYS be flirting with me!" --Maureen in the musical RENT

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AH! That's so cool!

AH! That's so cool! You'll be a hot version of Harry! Lol. Cuz we all know Daniel Radcliffe isn't doing such a great job on that XD

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