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I used to believe that. I remember there was a kid at my school who tried to kill himself, but the admin stopped him. and I thought it was sort of wrong of them to have done that.

BUT! Last year my best friend tried to kill herself and it made me reconsider what I had thought. And sure, part of me sort of agrees with what you're saying about it being selfish saying that my grief is more than her relief. but what I learned is that suicide is an irrational solution to problems that can solved other ways, at least with my friend. She doesn't need to end her life to get relief. So what I'm saying is that there are better ways to solve problems than suicide, so I think by stopping someone from killing themselves, you can get them help that can make them feel better without ending their lives.


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Sort of a made-up thing. The people who *really* want to kill themselves? You hear about it once it's happened, or in the case of a site like Oasis, there are liely one or two active memberships here linked to people who checked out.

However, when someone posts that they're suicidal, having suicidal thoughts, etc., those people are reaching out because they are looking for reasons not to kill themselves, and I always write to them, etc.

It's easy to be in favor of people killing themselves in the abstract, but when it is someone you've chatted with, or hell, if you wake up to find your best friend took their life the previous day, then it's a bit harder to have a "just do it" attitude about it.


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