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okieee..so i came across dis site on google..i had searched fer "teen blogs" bt i found ntn interesting.n den..i see dis site.n i luved it!!its perfect..exactly wht i was lukin for=)
neways,im ur not-so-average,16 year old girl whos addicted 2 redbull,bisexual and gets pleasure in pinching babies.
uhmm,yeh.apart frm dat,i live in da most happenin city of da middle east n dats Dubai:) although im an indian,im born n brought up here.so there is dis certain bonding with dis place..i prefer Dubai netym!
rite now my vacations have been goin on..bt dey r sadly,gonna end in another 12 days=( n to tink,i havnt evn started my projects..!!gack!im gonna be skinned alive at skul if i dont start asap!
argh..!!chuck studies...
u noe wht da sad part is?
im,currently,in a long distance relasionship.
n u noe whts worse?
is da fact dat ive been in these type of relasionships b4 n dey DUN LAST.
i mean,c'mon!im a freakin 16 year old!!gimme a break!ok,i admit i end up cheating da person by hookin up wit some xtreamely hot n rich fella.
well,most of da time.
but u noe whts evn MORE worse?
is da fact dat im ALREADY goin out wit anoder guy too!
so i met my long distance guy dis summer..more lyk a summer fling jus a bit more serious.bt i was already taken by my bf(who lives n studies in dxb wit me).i supposedly cheated on my dubai bf by goin out wit da long distance guy.
[long distance guy=N
dxb guy=R]
now im bk,n im maintainin TWO relasionship at once.basically,im two timing.(its nt lyk i havnt done dis b4)
amongst all dis mess,heres a little fact which i realised recently n am quite surprised:
i reli want me n N to last long.ive neva met a guy quite lyk him n i wudnt mind being his 4ever.
n abt R?well,hez jus a normal teenage-dating kinda thng...judgin by da way its goin on,i dun tink it wil last long.
i stil am nt sure dat whether i shud tel N abt dis thng wit R or nt...im afraid of his response + i dun wana keep him in da dark.
argh..!!screw it..screw evrythng.
rite now my mind is focused on da chicken lollipops mom jus got home.
ooooo!lollipops!here i come..!=)


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to the site.

If you don't want chaos in your life, stop causing it perhaps?


"Be like a postage stamp. Stick to one thing until you get there." -- Josh Billings.

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Hey, I'm glad you joined the

Hey, I'm glad you joined the site.

Maybe you should just not be exclusive with anybody so you don't have to worry about hurting anyones feelings. You could be free to date who you wanted to.

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yes,evry person has da rite

yes,evry person has da rite to date whosoever he/she wants 2 date...
n thnku fer welcomin me 2 da site=)