76 more things about me...this is fun!

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1. I love maps. Like, totally love maps. All kinds.
2. I'm only a tad bit Irish, but I look like I just stepped of the island. Cept my hair is more brown than red...other than that, full blood. I even have an Irish name.
3. I love unicorns and phoenixes.
4. I don't want there to be an afterlife.
5. I'm horrible about doing my laundry, but if I let my mom do it, she counts my underwear to see if I've changed them every day. I don't know why.
6. I'm a birder. I can identify pretty much any bird on sight in the CA central valley, and a lot more besides.
7. My favorite song birds are magpies and Steller's jays.
8. I have a shrine in my room that is dedicated to no god, only to myself. I'm not selfcentered, I just like to collect pretty rocks and other neat things, and when I put them all in one place...voila! shrine to myself.
9. I love the ocean (Pacific, northern CA coast) more than anything in the world.
10. I'm happiest when I'm in a redwood forest with the ocean nearby, when it's foggy or raining.
11. I believe that all humans can be good, but know that they aren't. This pisses me off.
12. Stupid fucks who drive gas gussling SUVs piss me off.
13. Child abuse, in any form, will get me madder than anything. I think it's sick.
14. I think scars can be beautiful, but it depends on how they were achieved, and how they are worn.
15. I don't like skinny girls.
16. I love the word 'lithe'.
17. I am one of my former principal's favorite students.
18. I live to help people (I know, I know, I already said that one).
19. I have an incredible imagination.
20. My cellphone is on 24/7 in case on of my friends needs to talk.
21. I freak out if I don't have my phone or my iPod with me.
22. When I fill my iPod (8 gig nano)(it's only got a gig and a half left on it), I will probably buy another one, instead of a video.
23. I prefer small things to large ones over all.
24. I love that my girlfriend is shorter than me.
25. I'm five three, but people always think that I'm either way taller, or way shorter.
26. I love Calvin and Hobbes.
27. I love the X-Men.
28. Storm is my favorite, and I wish, oh how I wish, that they'd do an AU with Storm and Jeanie going out.
29. I think silver hair is beautiful.
30. I've walked into a pole after walking past my girlfriend. She finds this hysterical, as does the friend who was walking with me.
31. I like a lot more movies than I say I do.
32. These lists are fun to write.
33. I have filled three and a half notebooks with journal/letter thingies to my girlfriend. She's read two of them, but the others I've written while she's been away.
34. I love being in the water.
35. I'm a scrupulously honest person, but I don't mind small lies.
36. I've been a flower girl in three weddings.
37. You know the kid who always takes a fingerfull of frosting off the wedding cake? That's me.
38. I eat peanut butter on Oreos, a trick that I got from one of my favorite movies, The Parent Trap.
39. I believe in soul mates, but I don't believe that you can have only one.
40. I believe in true love, and that you can fall for more than one person in your lifetime.
41. I believe that rape is the most hienous crime, and that it's punishment should be as bad as murder.
42. I'm so tired that I can't remember if 'punishment' is a word or not.
43. I hate all vegitables except carrots, which I love.
44. I rarely eat breakfast, but if I do, it's never before ten.
45. I think in 24 hour time, but can switch back and forth.
46. I hate taking showers because I hate getting out of them.
47. My old cellphone got run over by a car.
48. I love Troll dolls.
49. I'm obsessed with mythology; especially Greek and Irish.
50. My favorite author is Tamora Pierce, but she didn't write my favorite book.
51. I like standing out.
52. I love my two best friends and my girlfriend as though they were my family. Oh wait, they are family. :P
53. I didn't know what the word 'lesbian' meant until after I'd come out, despite having two lesbians for my godmothers.
54. I love strawberries.
55. I love to create characters for my stories.
56. I think that I'm too sweet to be butch.
57. One of my most prized items is my leather jacket, which is also the most expensive article of clothing that I own. I bought it myself, which I'm even prouder of.
58. I like video games, but wouldn't call myself a gamer. I can talk like one, though, cause one of my best friends is one.
59. I've been typing since I was in first grade.
60. I read my first book when I was 2. It's called Emma Bean.
61. Life is good right now, even though my girlfriend isn't back yet.
62. I am both horribly impatient, and placidly patient at the same time.
63. I like things to be Right and True, but know they never will be.
64. I believe that everyone can have a happy ending if they really want it.
65. I like Emily the Strange.
66. I've been hospitalized for trying to kill myself.
67. It was the best thing that ever happened to me.
68. The best day of my life was when my best friend took me out dirtbiking. Even though she clipped my knee (i was riding behind her) on a steel post, it was amazing.
69. I love the fact that my girlfriend thinks I'm hot.
70. Even though we don't have problems, I feel like I'm in a perfect relationship with my girlfriend.
71. I love the phrase "just for shits and giggles" but rarely use it because my gf has broken me of talking like a sailor.
72. I write everything out in my head. Like, right now, I'm describing to myself what it's like to be writing this. As though I were writing it in a story.
73. I often don't make sense.
74. If I know the topic, I can make a powerpoint about it in 10 minutes, and it'll be really good.
75. I write waaaay too much. lol
76. I share a name with the Queen of England's younger sister (and for those of you who know what it is, kudos. I wasn't named for her, it was all an accident).


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#31 made me smile. These

#31 made me smile.

These gots peanuts and soap in 'um!