again with the pressure ugh

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yay, 45 more useless things to know about me...because I have nothing else to do and I'm avoiding that dumb chemistry assignment for school...

56. I hate bugs. So very much.
57. I feel naked when I don't wear my pride necklace.
58. My favorite place to be is Rittenhouse Square in center city.
59. I'm anxious about learning to drive. I just think I'm going to crash into something...
60. I live up to the gay stereotype of listening to Madonna and Cher.
61. My favorite singer is probably Utada Hikaru.
62. Björk is my 2nd favorite.
63. I try to stay away from Wikipedia, because I can go to research one thing and end up learning useless knowledge about other things for hours.
64. I hate speaking in front of audiences.
65. I am horrible at any form of math.
66. I am also horrible at any form of sports/exercise/recreation.
67. Well no, I can run pretty fast.
68. I can't stop laughing to "Material Girl" by Madonna, because it was used in this Japanese TV show in a hilarious way...
69.<----- I *refuse* to attach any significance to this number.
70. I can't dance to save my life.
71. I get excited taking the subway. I guess because I don't do it that often...?
72. I really need new clothes. I'm getting really tired of wearing the same crap...
73. I want to start making my own short films.
74. I also want to start making my own clothes.
75. I read a lot.
76. I'll read anything fantasy, thriller/horror, or sci-fi.
77. I'm currently listening to the song "Bird" by Hitomi.
78. My all time favorite show is Ugly Betty.
79. I've never seen Queer as Folk, as much I've been dying to.
80. That's mainly because I don't get LOGO anymore.
81. My favorite movie is Spirited Away.
82. I love my Wii. Yes, the video game console.
83. My favorite video game is Spyro the Dragon (the older ones for Playstation...the newer ones suck.)
84. I wish I could form a GSA at my school.
85. I really want to go see Wicked.
86. And Hairspray.
87. I have a long history of falling for straight boys.
88. So my heart has been broken a couple of times, yes.
89. I want to paint my nails blue but my mom will kill me if I do.
90. When I was about 12, I realized I was gay.
91. I also realized I really wanted to be a stand-up comedian.
92. I loathe Carlos Mencia. He's such a douche.
93. I cannot wait until next year's Equality Forum.
94. I probably have OCD.
95. I really want a hug right about now.
96. I have a YouTube account, but all I have are videos from my game hacking days AND one video I made going home on the train one day.
97. The word 'betch' has replaced 'bitch' in my vocabulary.
98. I wish I had blue eyes.
99. I hate seeing people from school when I'm out of school, because then I have to have a conversation with them and pretend I like them.
100. I just compiled 100 useless facts about myself.


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it's okay I listen to

it's okay I listen to madonna and cher sometimes...

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100th fact:

100th fact: hahahahaha.
Loving your Wii is totally fine, I love mine insanely too.
62. Björk is one of the coolest persons ever to walk in this world, isn't she?

" . . . The sun does not shine upon this fair earth to meet frowning eyes, depend upon it." Charles Dickens

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my friend and I came to an

my friend and I came to an agreement that Björk is both incredibly talented and equally insane :D

(I want to pluck
a little star out of the night sky
and hold it close to my heart
and pretend it's you)