Bisexuals take over RHPS

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My friend L told me that a few of her friends in Rocky Horror with us were bi. Specifically one girl who I thought was cute. Unfortunately she has a boyfriend at the moment. But it's nice to know there a few other girls that could be potential mates (um...I actually hate the word but I digress). I also have a small puppy crush on the AD. He has pretty blue eyes.

The SM also has pretty blue eyes. Pretty blue eyes rock!

Ok. So. I wrote these two poems that I actually don't hate. I don't think they are too teenage-angsty which is why I kind of like them. I hate writing angst ridden poetry because that's all teenagers write. If I get around to it, I'll post it here. I need to figure out how to format them so it flows correctly.

As I get closer to school, I'm starting to hate it a little less. Yes, my program sucks. Yes, I don't like most of my teachers. And yes, junior is supposed to be the hardest. However, my bff S is in all but one or two classes with me and his last name comes right after mine in our grade so he'll be near me. This is good.

I got my fav gym teacher. He gives me grades I deserve. 100's for showing up and putting on sneakers. I shouldn't be graded on my ability to play. If I try to play, I get hurt. This past year in gym I:
-Fractured my left pinky finger
-Sustained 2 head concussions within a month of eachother
-Twisted my right ankle twice
-Strained my back
-made a complete fool of myself

This teacher knows that I am a walking hazard and I have no sports ability whatsoever. All the female teachers seem to think that I should prove guys wrong and play and that being a girl isn't an excuse and all that feminist crap. I'm a feminist. I can't play sports. F-ING DEAL WITH IT.

Why can't they offer dance to fulfill our phys. ed. requirement? I can dance. I can dance quite well. I'm a pretty dancer.

Enough about that. I'm gonna go drag S over to my house to keep my company. It's sad and rainy out.

I need nail polish remover...


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If you need other people to tell you cast member in RHPS are bi, your gaydar SUCKS. That show has been like Bisexual Basic Training for three decades now.


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Lmao. I deserved that. It's

Lmao. I deserved that. It's a Young People's Theater version of it. Mainly teenage gays and their straight hags. How was I to know?

RHPS = bisexuals. NOTED