Boy band poses naked...

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Some group I never heard of called Billiam posed naked for some campaign drawing attention to eating disorders. I don't quite get the connection, but am never too concerned what prompts boys to get naked.

For some reason, they really wanted to put the boy in boy band and seemingly shaved downstairs entirely.

I'm sure no one's interested by now, but here's the link:

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If they were a bit fatter I

If they were a bit fatter I could see a connection. But all this does (besides turn me on) is reinforces the "look sexy" "get thin" message thats already currently plaguing teenagers.

Also the ones who are able to cover there genitals so easily with one hand must be sort of small.

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that and the whole hairless

that and the whole hairless thing is infecting the boys too. we women have been doing it for hundreds of years, so welcome to our world. :)

BUT, enough with the rant....

i don't really see how stripping down to their birthday suit is going to help with eating disorders since they were all slim, slender, thin guys. if anything, it'll reinforce it.....

and the whole hairless is thing is quite creepy....

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Indeed, this just reinforces

Indeed, this just reinforces the message that to look attractive, you have to look like them. It's not to highlight eating disorders, it's to sell new songs. Getting naked is a great way to get linked to across the Internet and get noticed..... oh look. :)

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That is probably the most

That is probably the most pointless (and slightly creepy) thing I've ever seen.

I really don't get it...who is their market here? Insecure teenage girls or priests in the Archdiocese of Boston?

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so, i'm really confused...

so, i'm really confused... the tagline says 'end shame over eating disorders' so are they saying 'you don't have to have an eating disorder' OR 'have one and don't be ashamed of it.'? cause these lads don't really inspire me to battle the urge to purge, dude.

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Maybe one or more of them

Maybe one or more of them WAS anorexic/bulemic/obese and got to look like that?

It's nifty enough, I have to wonder how much is airbrushed though hmm.

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I don't think its creepy or

I don't think its creepy or weird that there naked/shaven, I just think they mixed up there message.

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wrong message sent i think...but i'm not complaining about the picture XD

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haha. Wow why does grabbing

haha. Wow why does grabbing one's genetals make another person not want to eat? And besides. those guys were in too good of shape.

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i bet the shot with the hay hurt...

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ummm... WTF?!?!

guys with fully shaved body hair= pretty creepy
naked boys touching themselves in a barn = nothing to do with eating disorders. WTF?

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Say What?

Seems like simple self-exploitation to me. Whatever. Left me totally flatlined. The name busted me up, though. This household uses Billiam as a joke name for William, like Bobert for Robert, and such.