Bread and School and other such things...

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For the first time in years, my mom and I baked bread together. Seriously, we haven't done it since I was like, 10. I love baking with my mom. It's so much fun. We had a great time, too.

My mom and I get along really well, about 99% of the time. We get on eachother's nerves occassionally, but she's really cool. Not in the, 'oh, do whatever you want, i don't care' sorta way, but in the 'i actually care what you think about things, and i like talking to you, and i want to be a part of your life' way. She's cool like that.

So yeah. School starts tomorrow. Totally looking forward to that, even though Ms. Mari (former directer/principal) won't be there. I think I've got a really cool science teacher, which I'm totally looking forward to, and my drama teacher is the bomb. I don't know who else I've got, cause my school hasn't figured teacher placement out yet (don't ask. we're cool like that!), but since I totally love American history, I think I'm gonna have fun.

Math sucks, cause I suck at it and it's boring, but maybe I can convince R to give me a hand. I doubt my counselor or my parents will let me drop it, especially if I want to graduate early. Ugh. I hate math.

I've got a free period with Ethan, which should pwn, cept that it's seventh. Yeah, y'all say 'why not just go home early?', but i want to figure out if i can ride with R home from school. We live really close by, and it makes sense. If we can get her mom to okay it... Anyway, so I dont' want to go home early. Well, maybe on some days. Ooh, on block days, that'll mean that I get out after lunch! Woot!

I was gonna do this totally outrageous outfit on the first day, but since it'll have R climbing the walls, I'm gonna be nice, and not. It's hard not going out with her! I want to wear stuff that I know she'll like (like my fucking hot skirt), but at the same time, I don't want to make things any harder for either of us. Arg!

I love that way she looks at me when I wear certain things. That "omg, i want to rip your clothes off and fuck you til you can't breathe" look. Okay, that was kinda crude, but still. You get the point. But I'm trying to be good, for both of our sakes. Fuck!

Okay, I'm gonna stop this entry now. It's getting too long.


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You said "pwn"!!! You must

You said "pwn"!!! You must be a gamer.

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Your mom sounds so nice! " .

Your mom sounds so nice!

" . . . The sun does not shine upon this fair earth to meet frowning eyes, depend upon it." Charles Dickens