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Well, this is it, folks. We're packing up, and we're leaving tomorrow at dawn. Well, it'll be an hour after dawn, but whatever. Yup, we're going camping, and I haven't gotten mad in about 15 hours, got a good night's sleep, and am really excited!!! Kinda nervous, cause I'll be spending 8 hours in the car with my parents, but we'll survive. Noise canceling headphones are god!

Oh, and my dad brought me this freaking awesome hemp shoulder bag yesterday! It's smaller than my black bag, which was getting to be too big, and it's so cute!!! Anyway, that was really cool, and really nice of him. I love it when he brings me little things from work. He used to get me stuffed animals, or little trinkets every time he traveled, and now he lets me play with the gadgets (like a 12 inch Gateway laptop with a terabyte of memory, or the new Blackberry) when he brings them home. My dad's cool.

Anywho, I've got to go. We're gonna go out and get brunch, then go shopping for food and whatnot. I need to get a new notebook and pens, cause my current one (100 pages) has only two unfilled pages left. And my pen is almost dry, so I need a new one. I write too much!