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I'm going! To college! In five days!

Smith, of course, which is excellently queer. We shall see how the all-girls' thing pans out.

I just wanted to thank this virtual gay community for being here for me and educating me when I was scared and depressed and ignorant. Now I am none of these things, and oasis was a big part of getting me through that. Thanks Jeff, for keeping this up and for putting so much love and advice here. And everyone else, too, of course, for being there or for being me.

I'll probably still lurk a bit as I have been for the past year. Who knows--I may yet regain active membership.

To be continued...


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Good luck at Smith, and I'm

Good luck at Smith, and I'm sure you'll love it there!

Yeah, this site is pretty much amazing. I joined when I was scared and depressed and ignorant too, and it really was the best possible anodyne. When I went off to college last year I don't think I posted at all, but I started posting again with some regularity earlier this summer so you never know what'll happen. The great thing about Oasis is that it's always there and it seems like there are always people who are feeling the same things as you.

Anyway, best of luck to you in the future. You deserve such happiness. :-)

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Woot for college! *hugs*

Woot for college! *hugs* have a great time, and try to (not) learn anything! ;)

awwww....yer so sweet!

These gots peanuts and soap in 'um!

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Heeeey that's awesome you are heading off to college! Good luck with everything buddy, I'm sure it'll go sweetly. Thanks to you too :]

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Yaay! Good luck! Things'll

Yaay! Good luck! Things'll be kickass ^^ come back to Oasis soon!

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Well, be sure to keep posting!

I'm certain a lot of people on the site want to know what happens when you get out of the homophobic high school and go to a queer-positive all girls school.


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best wishes

good luck!

we'll enjoy reading how it goes. but if life "out there" turns out really well, which I hope it will for you, I can also imagine there'll be less time (and need) for oasis.

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