Comfortably Inane

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Some interesting, perhaps irrelevant details of my life this week:

I had a musical theory rudiments test today. It was a com-puhleet cakewalk. Oh, and I finally got around to looking at the marks/comments from my practical exam, and according to the examiner, I play my music "musically". Who would have figured.

I read the comments on my last journal entry, cackling as I contemplated following Jeff's advice and asking my dad which Pirate of the Caribbean he'd rather sleep with. I also re-read in part the entry itself, staring in disbelief at the amount of ten dollar college words I used. But whatever. I've been reading a lot of Hitch-Hiker's Guide to the Galaxy lately, so I can be excused.

Speaking of ten dollar college words, I was listening to Ideas, CBC Radio's (don't look at me like that!) intellectual show, and you know what they were running? A show called Phallus in Wonderland. No kidding.

Oh, and I think I might actually have a story idea that won't burn out on me! This is so exciting!