Crushin, SON

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Someone finally loaded South of Nowhere Season 3 epsiode 1 and 2 on youtube... i watched it.. it was good. I expected something a little better but it was still good. There was way more female kissing then previous seasons.
I haven't been journaling lately... not much to talk about i geuss.
I've become addicted to youtube. I used to watch it on and off but now after then boyfriending forum i've been watching it all the time getting caught up on Chris and Nicks relationship and just watching their vlogs.
I went bowling with my friends on friday. My one friend colin brought this chick lauren with him and i have a huge crush on her.. I went up to colins BF kevin (my best friend) and was like you know what would make me really happy? If you told me lauren was gay.
He said that she definitaly wasn't not even a little bit.
Then i swore.
Damn straight girls.