Cute but Deadly.....She Almost Ran Me Over

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I was walking out to my car yesterday during my lunch break at work and this girl almost ran me over! She was so busy talking to her friend that she never noticed that I had waited for her to pull to the window,so I just took off walking through the drive-through. She stopped just inches from me. My manager was laughing out the drive-through window at the whole thing! The girl smiled and waved and drove up to the window as if she hadn't just almost hit me. When she got ready to pull off she rolled her window down and apologized. When I went back inside my job the manager said she asked for my name. Later that night she came back up to my job and gave me her number! She is cute,but she is deadly as hell behind the wheel! I think this is a sign from a higher power that I should not go after her.


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eh, you cant take signs to

eh, you cant take signs to literally, i think you should take a chance. maybe its a sign that you can help her, by improving her driving skills, u could save other people.


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Or maybe the higher powers

Or maybe the higher powers are just giving you a great story to tell--"Yeah this really cute chick almost hit me with her car and thats how we met"
I would kill for a story like that!

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Dude, a cute girl just gave

Dude, a cute girl just gave you her number! Go after her while you have the chance! And like yep_im_a_stalker said, maybe the higher powers are just giving you a great story to tell. :)

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Wow that's funny and

Wow that's funny and amazing! Definitely give her a call and get something going, she could've just apologized and driven off or not apologized at all, she did both though!

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maybe you should have let

maybe you should have let her run you over