Dies Irae, Dies Illa...

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WEWT!!!! MOZART'S REQUIEM!!! Aaaah, it was so frickin' great!!! I went with my mom and Maddie (who I've pretty much gotten over, thankfully... now she's just awesome to be around as a friend), and it was this Venezuelan chorus. They fucked up some stuff in the first half (not noticeably, but a few flat notes, they lost the tempo once or twice), but the second half, which was Mozart's requiem, was just..... SQUEEEE!!! Hehe, music geek love. I mean, he was a classical composer, so there are some bits that are just sort of simpering form-focused typical classical period, stuff, but the rest of it... HOLY CRAP! <3333 Makes me want to write more music. I did some more work on my piano trio today... it's hard work, but it feels so fucking satisfying to write out stuff on staff paper and then stick it in a binder so you can say "look, I wrote this!"

And I've gotten back in the swing of things with writing, somewhat. I started my new notebook. I'm happy about that.

Aaaaand my computer has some fucky adware thing that pops up ads in I.E. even when I'm not running the program. Grrr. And my mom's pissed at me, and it might be my fault b/c I was torrenting stuff. So now I feel really bad about fucking up the computer, and the whole thing was worsened by my mac dying last night... it's better now, thankfully, but my mom's being paranoid and not letting me take it on the trip she's dragging me on tomorrow to her friend's country house. I'll just write in my notebook instead, I guess, which is good too. Molly's been saving my life through the whole virus process, she is teh awesome computer nerd person. Not that Oasis isn't fantabulous, but it's great to be able to physically talk to another lesbian, and make U-Haul jokes, and spend hours on the phone comparing Buffy fandoms. Her mom thinks we should date xDD

So, I think I'm off to sleep. After I poke about a bit in the world of fanfic, because Molly and I spent last night talking about perverted fanfic pairings, but I never got a chance to look any up myself because of my two dead computers. So goodnight all!


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*squee* LOVE Mozart's

*squee* LOVE Mozart's Requiem!! In fact, my first tattoo (which I will be getting this school year) will be a tribute to it (I will pick two bars of music and have each tattooed underneath one of my elbows on the inside of both my arms)

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That.... ... is probably THE

That.... ... is probably THE most kick-ass tatoo anyone will ever get. (Plus, you'll know you've found your soulmate when s/he looks under your arm and goes, "hey, this is Mozart's Dies Irae!" or whatever... XDD (my personal picks for awesome bits of the requiem are Dies Irae, Lacrimosa, or... argh, I can't remember the name of the movement and I feel like such a failure. The one at the end...) Anyway, that's one awesome tatoo ^^

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Lacrimosa is my favorite :).

Lacrimosa is my favorite :). And omg if a girl recognized the bars of music, I would like jump on her, clamp my arms around her shoulders, and never let go.

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I have a crush on Mozart's

I have a crush on Mozart's Requiem a while ago, it's just...grand.

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Man, I wanna compare Buffy

Man, I wanna compare Buffy fandoms for hours on end! No FAIR!

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