Dragon Lady

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So, aparently, the Dragon Lady really doesn't like me. She doesn't like the way I dress, or the fact that I flaunt my sexuality (her words, not mine). She thinks that I'm a liar, and an idiot. She won't listen to me when I talk, or reserve judgement 'til she gets to know me better.

I'm so pissed off!!! It's like, how dare you judge me when you've spent maybe 6 hours with me, and half of those, I was either drugged out of my head, or recovering from it?! THe only time we've spent actually having a conversation was when I was in the ER, and I KNOW that she resents the fact that she was called. I'm like, HELLO! I'm not the one to blame for that! But there's no way she's gonna blame Ethan (who called her), cause he's fucking perfect. She'd be soooo happy if he and R went out. Hell, she wants them to get married!

Ugh. I do everything I can to get on her good side. Not like, outrageous stuff, but I don't do stupid stuff around her, either. I gave her so much respect when I first met her, cause of what she's done for R, and she just looks down her nose at me and tells me that she thinks that I dress to get attention.

I didn't outright ask for her approval when I asked R out, but I made sure that I met the Dragon Lady right after, and tried to make a good impression. She's the two faced liar; she's totally polite, even nice, then goes and tells anyone who'll listen that she doesn't like me.

I don't get it. It's like she's trying to split up me and R (which is not gonna happen). Maybe she doesn't think I'm good enough for R, or something.

Up yours, Dragon Lady. I don't need your approval for my wardrobe, or for my life. I don't need you to tell me that you think that I should take meds, or that you think I'd be better off if I didn't wear rainbows. You don't hate me enough to keep R away, and that's enough for me.