Favorite love songs?

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What are your favorite love songs? One I especially like is Hysteria, by Def Leppard. It really describes my feelings whenever I fall hard for a crush. I also like the song You're My Best Friend, by Queen.

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Personally, right now it's:

Personally, right now it's: "Oh, It Is Love" by Hellogoodbye...

makes me smile.

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"Konstantine" by Something Corporate, "Love Bites" by Def Leppard, and Journey's "Faithfully."

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"Vanity" by Kajiura Yuki.

"Vanity" by Kajiura Yuki. It's really super beautiful. <3

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Power of Two -- Indigo

Power of Two -- Indigo Girls
Truly Madly Deeply -- Savage Garden
It's In Your Eyes -- Bok, Muir, Trickett
Truth of the Heart -- Melissa Etheridge
Sleep -- Melissa Etheridge
This Moment -- Melissa Etheridge
It Will Be Me -- M.E.
I Believe in Love -- Indigo Girls
She's My Girl -- don't know who sings this, but it's a guy who sounds like a girl, so it's really cool for us lesbians
Don't Want to Close My Eyes -- various artists
Leaving on a Jet Plane
Yes I Am -- Melissa Etheridge
This Kiss -- Faith Hill
Angel -- Shaggy
Blue Skies -- Diana DeGarmo
Christmas in America -- Melissa Etheridge
Keeper of my Heart -- Indigo Girls

Okay, that's a really long list, and I only got about half of them. Those up there make up a playlist that is for my girlfriend. My fave love songs. :P

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"To Miss Someone" by Maria McKee is always a fave.


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Come Down to Me - Saving

Come Down to Me - Saving Jane
Everlasting Friend - Blue October
Calling You - Blue October

Does You and Me by Lifehouse count? It's good for slow dances.

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"Romeo and Juliet" by the

"Romeo and Juliet" by the Indigo Girls. My gf and I played it together on guitar all the time; I taught it to her. It's our "Song." I listen to it on repeat on my iPod until it turns to musical mush but it's just as good when I listen to it 10 minutes later. Amy Ray is my hero.

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Amy Ray is awesome, as is

Amy Ray is awesome, as is the song. My gf loves it too.

"I prefer the term gay because, well, lesbian has three syllables!" Emily Sailers
98 percent of the teenage population will try, does, or has tried smoking pot. If you are one of the 2 percent who hasn't, copy this into your sig.

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That song makes me cry!!!

"Juliet, when we made love u used to cry. u said i love u like the stars above, I'm gonna love u till i die..."
totally reminds me of my ex. i can play it on guitar too. i'm gonna go cry now...

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Right now, Thinking About

Right now, Thinking About You by Norah Jones, and By This River, by Brian Eno, always makes me sad, but happy (too many memories associated with it).

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Baby, It's Fact and Bonnie

Baby, It's Fact and Bonnie Taylor Shakedown 2k1 by hellogoodbye

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Michael Buble's Everything

Michael Buble's Everything :) it's so so sweeeeet!! And also John Mayer's Lovesong for no one and 3x5

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By your side - Sade
Groovy kind of love - Phil Collins
El club de los humildes - Mecano
Feelings of forever - Tiffany
Breathe - Faith Hill
When you say nothing att all - Ronan Keating or Allison Krauss, like 'em both
Envie de te suivre - Maidi Roth
Everything - Alanis Morissette
Dia de enero, Antologia, Que me quedes tu - Shakira
Breathing - Lifehouse

Among many, many, many others... huh... hopelessly romantic

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hm. Right now I'd have to

hm. Right now I'd have to say "heroe" by enrique iglesias. Lots of memories to go with that one.

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I've just recently started

I've just recently started listening to John Legend.

His music is so calming, if you've had a rough day, just put that on and lay on the couch with a tall class of wine (or whatever you like to drink).

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Thank you for loving me -

Thank you for loving me - Bon Jovi
I will follow you into the dark - Death Cab for Cutie
Little Wonders - Rob Thomas
Living on a Prayer - Bon Jovi
Chasing Cars - Snow Patrol