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What the hell, I have no photobooth pictures to share with you. Yeah, I know, pissed. The one at the harbor was crap, and the one at Big Lots was broken. Psh. Luckily, C has a great camera, so we took our own pictures at my house. But still... photobooth pictures! Ugh.

That aside, the date was good. I'll admit, I was nervous. Crazy, right? Since I've been friends with C for quite a while now, and her girlfriend for a month. The pressure was on; it was both of our first dates. But hey, I think I did alright. We went down to the harbor to eat the best burgers in all the town. [Yeah, eat it In n' Out Burger.] Then we walked along next to the docks and talked about how it would be neat to live on a boat. The sidewalk isn't all that long, so our option led to crossing the street over to the beach, which we did. Unfortunately, it's right next to the jetties, where the seaguls love to shit everywhere. Oh, the stench. But it passed. A family and some guy left the beach, it was really just us and some guy [or woman, I don't know] flying their kite off to the side of us. We sat close.

The beach was unfamiliar. So unfamiliar, that my mind had to paint its picture all over my brain. No doubt, when I think of my first date, I will think of the sun shining strongly on the ocean, an orangy overall hue, and C.

After that, we went and got icecream. The best icecream in my town. [Yeah, eat it 31 flavors and Ben and Jerry's. Do you have bubblegum icecream? Psh no, you got rid of it.] We sat on a bench, talked about pretty much nothing, because we pretty much didn't talk. Afterwards, we went in to the arcade, spotted an air hockey table, and I put in a dollar for 2 games. We tied, then she won. By luck... please, as if I'd be nice and let her win. Hah. Then we figured out the photobooth sucked, and we traveled to Big Lots.

When C and I are with eachother, we're ultimately at ease. We can say anything to eachother. We always tell eachother "I love you" [though we dont' mean it in the "in love" sense], tell eachother how cute the other is, and in general adore eachother. I don't mean to sound all sickly middle/high school lovesick, but I'm just saying we dig. It's just comfortable.

So at Big Lots, we walked around and looked at the cheap things. I fell all over the $1 and $2 notebooks and debated getting some. For what purpose, I don't know, I already ahve two I haven't filled. I just like having notebooks I can write or draw in, I don't know. And when the coast was clear, I pulled her in to an aisle and we kissed intimately. I then immediately parted and started looking at cheap pens. I looked back and she jokingly mouthed "I hate you" and smiled.

On the way back to my house, we passed her old private catholic school where she attended elementary/middle school [since they're one in the same]. She was kidding in suggesting we stop there, but I was serious, and I took the tour. There's something about knowing someone close to me's childhood that makes me feel closer to them, or something. Just that I know more about them, and what made them what they are. It's interesting to me. It's something I'd like to be a fly on the wall, you know? I wish I could go back in time and see them in their element, and see who and how they were back then. But anyway... it was a good tour, and was one of my favorite parts of the date.

Our date closed by returning to my house, lying around, taking pictures, making out, etc. She thanked me for the good time that day, and I thanked her for being a part of it.

Today she sent me a text that said "I have the best gf in the whole world."


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I'm so glad you had fun! You

I'm so glad you had fun! You two look like the cutest couple ever!!!!

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That sounds fun! sweet

That sounds fun! sweet couple, what more can i say?

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Yup, oh so very cute!

Yup, oh so very cute!

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Aww that sounds so sweet!!!

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WAI~~ you guys are

WAI~~ you guys are adorable.

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