French kicks your butt!

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I've read in many a travel book that tourists "like France but hate the French." How can an self-respecting person go to a country with that pretense? No wonder they come back saying the French were "rude to them". Combined with tourists who don't make any effort to learn French, it doesn't surprise me.
J'adore le pays.
J'adore la langue.
J'adore la francophonie.
After reading a merry book along the lines of "So You Want to Move to Canada", I decided...well, redecided...that I want to move to Montréal. According to that book, it's the least expensive of the three big cities (Vancouver, Toronto, and Montréal), the least tourist-ridden, it's 80% francophone, and it's the most gay friendly, cultural, and interesting.

So this inspired me to learn some more French and OMG.
I downloaded a computer game in French.
And then I followed links and read some instructions in took me a while but I think I got it.
I downloaded Mario but it got boring.
"Mario, la chaîne! Vis la chaîne!"
...Ok, I died.

I think I'm at a disadvantage because I was watching "Teaching foreign languages to K-12" on the Teaching Channel and good god. There were KINDERGARTENERS comprehending the teacher when these losers in my class can't remember what "Vous" means sometimes. I would like to ask my French teacher next year to conduct the lessons entirely in French. That would make me happy. Because you can get French texts anywhere...but for audio, I have to rely on CCTV. International. Which is French people talking about China.
I know, I get weird channels.

OH YEAH before j'oublie...the school called today and told me I DIDN'T GET PHOTOGRAPHY AND SOCIOLOGY!!!!!! THEY'RE GIVING ME TWO STUDY HALLS!!!!!! I knew it would get messed up somehow.
I'm a senior, dammit, don't I get priority?? If I find out freshmen got that class I WILL BE SO PISSED OFF you don't even know.
I hate that school sometimes. I can only hope they didn't give me Recreational Activities with Mrs. Wright again. It's bad enough I failed her class THREE times.
She's such a manipulative bag.

Anyway...Je Veux Aller Au Canada!
I'm looking for colleges in Canada but the only one I might quality for with my 2.0 GPA is Simon Fraser University in Vancouver...which is Definitely nowhere near Montréal. Oh well at least it's Canada and not the stupid US. The only thing the US is good for is New York and maybe a few other cities...and New York's getting gentrified up the ass so there goes the US for me, I'm migrating north.
I still want to go to London...because I like the British more than the French if that's possible...but I'm scared to fly over the ocean.

Oh yeah, and the title:
I said "French kicks German's butt" to a guy in passing after he said "I have no interest in learning French" to his lady friend. It was envigorating.


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I've honestly never been

I've honestly never been near Quebec, but Vancouver's pretty damn gay friendly and cultural, and I absolutely love it there. And I've heard some pretty good things about SFU...*shrugs*

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Cool...well it said on the

Cool...well it said on the website directly "With a 75% average, you are guaranteed admission to SFU." That's something I can honestly say I never heard from a college before.
Anyway, I just thought.....they are going to warrantlessly wiretap me for saying I hate the US! eek
o how it hurt me sharp in the vein
it would never let me be still and still.

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Moi, je pense que Montreal

Moi, je pense que Montreal est magnifique, bravo!
J'm France et les français aussi, donc, si on ne sait pas français, et on deteste les français, pour-quoi aller a la France? Conasses. Il y a un groupe (is group masculine or femenine?) a facebook qui s'apelle 'Moi, je parle français donc je suis légalement meilleur(e) que vous!', c'est incroyable, mais vrai, non?

Ok, sorry, I can't find the accents in my computer (well, actually, I know where the grave one is, but I am too lazy to use it, lol), and excuse my awful french: it's been 6 months without more practice than reading novel :)

" . . . The sun does not shine upon this fair earth to meet frowning eyes, depend upon it." Charles Dickens

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c'est pas grave; moi

c'est pas grave; moi j'invente des choses tout le temps sans savant si c'est propre ou pas. I make stuff up >_< It's really bad; I shouldn't do it.
I don't even know if that last sentence was legal.
ouais j'essaie l'apprendre encore cet été, j'ai des livres, j'ai enregistré 45 minutes de l'Europe 1, je regarde CCTV International, je cherche un correspondant français.
Je viens d'apprendre sur le site pour Université de Montréal (pour un jour...) qu'apparemment l'immigration a besoin de $9,600 CHAQUE ANNÉE?? Et on ne peut pas travailler au Canada lorsqu'on étudient??
Montréal est vraiment un très bon marché...comme j'ai vu pour le logement, $450/mois. Je cherche encore pour quelque chose plus cher...c'est comment j'ai trouvé la chose d'immigration...
J'ai souhaite que je parlais le français alors je peux aller à qué bien
o how it hurt me sharp in the vein
it would never let me be still and still.

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J'ai trouve que quand tout

J'ai trouve que quand tout le monde autour de toi parle français, c'est beaucoup plus facile d'ecrire, parler, et lire. Alors, $450 chaque mois pour logement c'est ne pas cher (donc, London -ou Manhattan- sont trop cher, non?). My, good luck with french!

" . . . The sun does not shine upon this fair earth to meet frowning eyes, depend upon it." Charles Dickens

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german is the lanuage of european bussiness.

french is the language of... nothing? it's not the international language anymore. sure, it's pretty. but pretty much useless


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I'm sorry you don't like

I'm sorry you don't like it...
I heard differently though.
Either way, I'm not going into international business so I don't really care.
o how it hurt me sharp in the vein
it would never let me be still and still.

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Not so useless,

Not so useless, since:
-Still used in the UN.
-one of the largest languages (Europe, America, Africa and Asia have francoparlant countries).
-Mandatory language if you are to study anything law or Int'l relationships related, since they have the most writings on those topics.
-being a romance language with Saxon influences its terminology is used by both languages descending from those roots.
-Scientific academies encourage formalities to be in French.
-Pharmaceutical industries, the largest multinationals dedicated to markets, iron-related industries, tourism industries, and car industries, all quite big in their fields are French-based.
-France is the country with the best opportunities for foreign students with need of financial aid to study.
-Most political relationships are done in French.
-And, after all, it's been the language of the cultural, refined and beautiful for many centuries.

Being a language-lover, I think it every language has it's usefulness, so I don't believe it is prudent to mark any language as inutile. And, from my personal experience, after having traveled a lot of the world, can tell you that French has helped me as much as English has, in all continents.

" . . . The sun does not shine upon this fair earth to meet frowning eyes, depend upon it." Charles Dickens