goddamn slob roomate

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jesus h christ I moved out of my folks place to fucking quit being a maid. I just took the garbage out, there were three bags of it on the floor- and she fucking wonders why there's fruit flies everywhere! I think I've seen her do one, maybe two loads of dishes since I've been here. I'm no neat freak, but christ almighty I don't leave tied garbage bags around- It's only twenty steps to the alley.

don't get me wrong, she's great otherwise, and she works two jobs, so i know she's busy. but fucking hell! can't she at least scrape her plate into the garbage? fuck, i ended up throwing out fucking rancid Chinese food. and she bloody well knows I'll clean too. fuck. my room's messy, but not filthy. filthy is why there's so many fruit flies in the kitchen, why it takes me hours to do dishes. fucking christ, i don't want the house spotless but can't she handle basic tidying? hell, I just emptied the garbage CAN, and that's been full since i got here almost a month ago! fucking lazy broad.


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If you don't clean for her,

If you don't clean for her, then she'll realise she has to do the work.
It might be really gross at first, but I did that to my roommate and she got the idea.

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I've been here a month, and

I've been here a month, and she hasn't done a blessed thing- I only finally caved in yesterday. but thanks for the support.