HAHA you're at school

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I know it's not nice to laugh but i'm laughing at everyone of you who had their first day of school today or is in school for the year already...
I'm sorry but i still have a week.. and i'm lookin forward to doing NOTHING.....


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School starts in two days

School starts in two days for me.

But I'm excited about school a bit. I've been home schooled for the last like, 3 years or something. So I'm excited about the first few days of school. But I'm sure it'll get boring and ucky fast then We'll all be wishing the summer hadn't ended.

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Is it bragging to admit you have a week off and an intention of doing nothing with it?


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Well by nothing i mean

Well by nothing i mean nothing significant.. move my sister into uni, hang with my mom and dog, no babysitting or homework or getting ready for school.
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Haha me too! I start next

Haha me too! I start next wednesday!

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Haha you guys are going to

Haha you guys are going to end school a lot later than I am. But I know it's not nice to laugh.

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I agree completely. It's

I agree completely. It's hard not to point and laugh.