hi ya!

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i wish i was on more often, but it's so hard without a computer.
i bet i missed out on a lot right?/?
well. hopefully with my new job and all.
i can get a new laptop and come on everyday like before :)
so yeah.
Jamba Juice is my new employer.
although i am still employed with the carnival lol.
i got hired the same day as my interview.
its really fun working there and stuff.
but i need to study smoothies and stuff. lol.
i started school on Aug. 1.
i am now a SENIOR!
working on the whole college thing.
i haven't taken my SAT's yet, but i am.
scheduled to do so on Oct. 6 lol.
study study session for me.
i neeed to take it again too though in Nov. i think.
i've narrowed my colleges to;
...UH (university of hawaii)
...WWU (western washington university)
...WSU (washington state university)
...CUNY CSI (city university of new york, staten island)
&& ...LU (linfield university)
well. yeah.
i'm also having a bad week lol.
but it's all good.
hopefully i can come back on soon :))
take cares everyone.


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Welcome back.

I reject Jamba Juice ever since they removed the Pumpkin Smash as a seasonal drink each fall.


"Be like a postage stamp. Stick to one thing until you get there." -- Josh Billings.

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I like Jamba Juice except

I like Jamba Juice except there absolutely none on LI :-(
I can't believe everyone starting school so EARLY! God. I start a whole month later than you. I also don't end until June 26 though. Grr.