Hispanic population up 65% in Roanoke

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Let me apologise in advance for posting THREE times in the past 2 days.
But I have 2 things to report my flailing opinion on in.....

1. I saw a commercial yesterday on Free Speech TV, the most liberal channel ever to come out on public access that I am aware of. The setting was a restaurant, and some guy was screaming "I WANTED WHOLE WHEAT BREAD!" so of course I thought it was going to be a health commercial. It was not. Some Spanish guy gave him more bread, and the guy was like "What is this??!!.....I SAID WHOLE WHEAT!" And some lady came over and gave him the right kind of bread. So the guy said to his fellow patron, "If you work in America, I mean you just have to learn English" etc. something along those lines. "You know what I mean?"
And some other guy said "No, I don't."
And the entire restaurant stared at this guy with a pure pure hatred that I could sense through the screen.

Should I feel guilty for agreeing with Whole Wheat Man? I am planning on moving to a francophone country. I am trying REALLY hard to learn French. It's common sense. If you want to move somewhere, speak the language. Make an effort. If you actually ARE living there, I think you'd have to make an effort NOT to learn the language.
His opposers said to me that they want all immigrants in the US despite their difficulties with English. Fine. All I'm saying is, TRY to LEARN it!!

2. Hispanic population up 65% in Roanoke. This explains why everything, and I mean EVERYTHING, now has Spanish subtitles. Toilet paper, Home Depot signs, Kroger, the city bus, etc. etc. etc.

"The number of Hispanic people in the Roanoke metro area increased 65 percent -- faster than the statewide average -- between 2000 and 2006, according to Census Bureau estimates made public today.

The Hispanic numbers were strong enough to match up with BB&T Bank's experience in offering services aimed at Spanish-speaking customers. A.C. McGraw, BB&T's regional spokeswoman, said the bank's two branches in Roanoke that offer specialty services to Hispanics have noted moderate growth in household accounts -- enough to justify continuing the service.

Hispanics now make up 1.8 percent of the Roanoke metro area's population. That's up from 1.1 percent in 2000, making them the fastest-growing minority group." roanoke.com

All I have to say to that is, I TOTALLY saw it coming.
But hell, still, 1.8% doesn't constitute mandatory Spanish subtitling on EVERYTHING to me. Once again, learn the damn language. Subtitles aren't helping anyone.
The thing that annoys me most is the subtitling of simple things. Like on the toilet paper, it actually translates what it is into Spanish. If you can't tell what it is by looking at it, you are fucking stupid and shouldn't be buying something if you can't tell what it is. And I DO wonder how stupid it makes the Spanish speakers feel. If I went to a francophone country and I saw everything subtitled in English (something tells me I will, though), I would feel quite disappointed that they think I can't figure out where the exit is on the bus...you know what I mean?
"No, I don't."
Comments, telling me I'm racist, etc. is welcomed.


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i do agree with you. we have

i do agree with you. we have a lot of migrant workers come up here to pick tobacco (or at least they used to) and so we'd have a bunch of hispanics wandering around, speaking spanish. i mean, i don't mind that so much, but i mean, when they're here (mostly illegally) demanding the same rights that other people who immigrate here have to spend years working to get, it kind of pisses me off.

i don't mind them here, i really don't, but a.) it's not that hard to learn a language, and b.) we have to when we come to your country.

there, my rant's through....

"Yes! No! Oh, damn!"

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Um, just to mention, I'm

Um, just to mention, I'm hispanic. I don't speak a word of spanish, and I love the english language. I was born here. Just so you all know where I'm coming from.

I just have to mention English is one of the most difficult languages. It doesn't follow definite rules with all the exceptions and it's really hard to read.

I understand how people can be upset that they demand rights but still wave their Mexican flags above the American one. They cry and whine about how much better it is in Mexico. They snobby and think Mexico is all that, so maybe they should've just stayed there. Those kind of people don't deserve the freedom and liberty of America.

Then there are those that come from the little grungy towns. My mom has a friend that lives in Mexico, and I hate visiting her because her neighborhood is so scary and dirty. It's not a pleasant place to be. People that come from Mexico and actually embrace the American culture and combine it with theirs are amazing. I love it.

So, yeah, I get mad at the ungrateful people. But then there are those who love and deserve the American life. It's a complicated issue.

And none of that made sense and had to actual point. I was just rambling.

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No. You're not racist. I

No. You're not racist. I completely agree.

It's a good thing I love the Spanish language so much. It's practically mandatory with half the population being migrants. I know English is a hard language and everything (so glad I learned that one first).. but I mean they could at least make an attempt. I shouldn't have to deal with the subtitles of another country's language in my own, the same way I wouldn't want English subtitles if I were in a different country - I'd want to embrace the difference, you know?

Don't misunderstand me - my family consists entirely of Italian immigrants, I love foreigners... but I can't stand people who come here and act exactly the same way they would where they came from and don't use the opportunities they're getting almost for free. grr.

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i disagree..

Does it really hurt you if there’s subtitles in Spanish? I mean those the writing poke you in the eye or something when you look at it? Just don’t read it! I’m Hispanic so I pretty much grew up whit the Spanish language but I was born in America so I learned to speak, write, and read in English. For me it wasn’t that hard to learn since I went to school here but i still have difficulties. For an immigrant coming to America its not an easy task to learn a totally different language especially since in most cases they didn’t attend school further than the 6th grade , not because they didn’t want to but because they couldn’t. Do you really think a person would want to live in a place where they don’t understand anyone outside their house? I sure as hell wouldn’t. I think that they would make the effort to learn in order to communicate with the people around them, don’t you? I think it’s totally inconsiderate when you say that they should ‘at least make an effort’. Do you know how they live? Have you spend the day with them to come to the conclusion that they don’t make an effort? The gay community always tells heterosexuals that they will never understand us because their not gay therefore they would never know what we have to struggle with and not to judge us or discriminate us because we are different, well why don’t you practice what you preach? Your doing the same thing that you don’t want heterosexuals to do to you! Your complaining about how Hispanics should read speak and well live like an American. Why don’t you live like an ‘American’ and be straight? Many people believe that an 'Americans' should not be gay, what happens if tomorrow all the GSA’s, Gay Bars, and anything related to homosexuality in America was banned or something because heterosexuals don’t think its fair that they have to live with the gays around them because gays ‘don’t make an effort’ to be straight? Id be pretty pissed. I f you don’t like gays, well obviously you won’t be one or hang out with one, If you don’t like Spanish subtitles my common sense says not to read them!!