how do i know?!?

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Well heres my story...Theres a very sweet and charming guy I met about a month ago, hes just out of high school and about to go to college and im a junior in highschool and im really starting to like him, he calls me everyday, we constatly have sleepovers at each others houses... but as strange as this sounds im still not sure if hes gay? So i ask myself.. is he gay or just, that kinda guy?he says hes straight in front of people but we do everything together and there are even moments when im alone with him and hes leaving, where it seems hes kind of hesitante..but nothing ever happens, hes into sports he has lots of friend that are straight hes macho and all , soo i just dont know if i should be corageous or let time do the talking?please help me out with this one!!

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Easy. Tell him you're gay. See how he reacts.

If you two are already that close, it doesn't seem like he would run screaming out of the room...


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