How many of you do drugs? And if you don't mind writing below why if you do or don't.. it's just one of those random questions.

All the time- Pretty regular Basis
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16% (3 votes)
A couple of times
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79% (15 votes)
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Drugs screw you up, man (or

Drugs screw you up, man (or girl). No matter how high they make you. Take it from someone who knows. My school isn't the best. I see it all the time.

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I know I'm prudish and all

I know I'm prudish and all that jazz, but... I don't. I don't have access to it, I know the health risks, I'm not stupid, I don't have a blind faith in myself not getting addicted if i try it, and I don't particularly want or need to do drugs.

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I have never tried them and

I have never tried them and I never intend to. I just hope I'm never tricked into using them because I can be that stupid. I despise drugs, think they're unnecessary, stupid, and worthless. A waste of time and money. Ugh.

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I do them, and sometimes I

I do.
I smoke (cigarettes), smoke pot, and when I go to raves I take ecstasy.
Oh, and alcohols a drug, but I'm kinda over drinking.
I hate the sloppy feeling. Urgh.
But I would never touch heroin, ever. Or crystal meth.
Or any drug thats injected or that fucks you up too badly.
Oh, and I never do drugs by myself. Only with my friends, not because of peer pressure or fitting in, but because it's something we all enjoy and share together, and frankly its just not the same without friends. :)

As to why I do them, I'm not quite sure. I can't really justify doing them, as easily as it is to justify not doing them.
I just love the feeling, whether its being stoned or tripping out and dancing away all night on e's with friends.
It enhances experiences. And it creates memories I'll never forget, and times to share with my friends that can't really be matched with other stuff.
Okay, I can't really justify it.
I just like it.


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Because I don't particularly

Because I don't particularly care. I don't do it 'cause it doesn't intrest me. I'm not curious. If I was curious, however, I wouldn't give a living shit about health risks.

Whatever I did, I didn't do it.

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Well I made this vow in 8th

Well I made this vow in 8th grade to this girl that I would never drink, smoke, or do any other kind of drug.
And then she broke my heart and I popped a bunch of vicodin...(luckily I didn't have enough that could kill me or I probably would've decided to go all the way)
But that was one time and I don't intend to do that ever again.

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I smoke some and sometimes I

I smoke some and sometimes I drink. Other than that I generally don't do drugs. Sometimes I do. I just like to escape for a little. Chill out

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I drink well occasionaly

I drink well occasionaly because i really don't consider it a drug.. like it impairs you and everything but i geuss it's just more widley excepted.
I never plan to drink.
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I don't, but there have been

I don't, but there have been times where I really felt the need to smoke, 'cause of stress. A very good friend of mine (and guy I had a big crush on) used to smoke (cigarettes and pot) and do shrooms. But he had a change of heart and went clean 3 months ago, I'm real proud of him.

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Personally, I don't mind

Personally, I don't mind about health or anything...but I just appreciate being conscious of everything all the time. Really, I'm a control-freak, so it's like no-no to everything that can get things out of control for me. I also think they are like so not cool, but that's an opinion.

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I've never touched drugs,

I've never touched drugs, even though I know who I could go to in my school to get them (but those people are akin to the dregs of society, sooo) and I'm sure if any teenager REALLY wanted to get drugs and was not in a home where their parents/guardians locked them in all the time, then they could get them.

Even if there isn't a club or pub or youth recreational center near you or in your town, one where there's teens can probably give you directions to a drug dealer if you talk to enough people in there about it. Or if you were super devious, you could pretend to want to be a police officer when you grow up, ask to shadow one, go into the station and find reports on drug dealers and call one up!

Alcohol I've had some of, never gotten drunk but plan to before university. I don't find the taste of it appealing, I personally get annoyed with kids that brag about getting drunk and if you're in that state of mind there's so much that can go wrong...

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My Anti-Drug?

Even though I have never tried drugs, I don't have qualms against them. But have any of you seen how disgusting some druggies look?!

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