I am an ass

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I'm feeling kind of lonely this evening:/.I don't know why really.Well all my friends were busy this evening and I was really just in the mood to hang out with someone,or chat or something.
I also feel like a little bit of an ass.I was working today,and there is seems to be constant speculation about two of the guys I work with about whether or not they are gay.I feel bad for agreeing with the speculation that they probably are gay.To be honest I feel bad for talking about it full stop!
I wonder if anyone talks about me like that.I don't think at this stage I care all that much anyways.If they do think I'm gay since I am.But yeah I feel bad for taking part in the gossip.
I generally don't like to talk about people behind their back but lately I find myself doing it.I've started to spend some time withsome people that do it a lot.Now I'm scared it is rubbing off onto me.
Thats it from this day forth I'm not saying a single word about anyone,I actually do hate gossip.I don't know what has gotten into.
I am an ass.