I am free from your hatred, I've parted from the part that I participated in

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Here is my day.
I got up between 1:30 and 2. I look at French websites. I waited for my mom to come back from work so I could get coffee. I was quite depressed at this time. And tired. Like the summer always brings. So, she came back finally and I got coffee from sheetz. It cost 5¢ more than I thought it would. I pissed a LOT of people off on the roads today.
1. At a stoplight, I, turning, was supposed to yield to the other side. Which I did for 5 seconds, but when the lady was obviously not going, I turned. While turning, I THEN saw her start to move.
2. At sheetz, I tried getting into a parking space, then saw a car barrelling toward me, so I had to swerve and do some maneuvering to get into another space. Crooked. AND I got a Look from that old bitch driving, besides.
3. I was super pissed at this time. So, in sheetz, when some guy looked like he was trying to get past the line, I let him go, but then he turned out to only want to stand behind me in line! And I felt stupid. But at least the guy called me ma'am. GASP oh that was exciting.

I signed up for a penpal site and got literally about 40 replies. I was expecting maybe 2. Most of them were illiterate or 30, so I only wrote back to maybe 5. Yet they keep coming.

I called Burger King, where I was basically guaranteed a job, and they didn't answer. So I left a message saying "I was wondering if you read my application. You can call me at..." Was that wrong?
In my defense, I've never had a SUCCESSFUL job call-back.

I was not free from hatred today. Nor was I free from the hatred from two goddamm mosquitoes, which I believe came in with my cat, who decided to sit directly behind me.
I was thinking about school. It's a prison. Like the Sex Pistols song. But when you're in 12th grade, you can't exactly be rebellious anymore so I have to deal with it.
It can't be as bad as summer though. *throws up*
I had a school dream a couple of days ago in which I was being my old 14 year old DXM-romancing self. It was fun. But it scared me.
I remember 9th grade. I felt like a drunk most of the time. And yet strangely at peace.
Whereas now, I'd be panicked out of my freaking gourd if anything like that occurred to me again. I can hardly handle coffee. If it affects my balance and/or vision, I say no.
Then I say I wish.

I think I grew this summer. Horizontally! haha! But really. At least I'm not into any women and hopefully won't be cos I have to concentrate on school this year.
How boring.
And yet, strangely peaceful.


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DXM loving self? Ha. Drunk?

DXM loving self? Ha. Drunk? Sounds like me.

What penpal site? That sounds really cool.

I'm sorry you're having a bad summer. Feel better.


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yep we could have been

yep we could have been friends when I was 13/14...
it's studentsoftheworld.info; I don't know if that's right or not, it's what was at the bottom of the 40 response emails I got.
et après tu chantes pour les saisons, tu chantes à toi-même
tu danses dans l’aube quand le soleil se lève