I love being gay.

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After reading GayNow's journal entry, I had to write this in return

I love being gay because...
- It has made me more socially accepting
- I am truly a more enlightened person because of it
- It gives me a reason to avoid stupid people
- It makes me part of the new civil rights movement
- It has given me a perspective that most people don't have
- Gay sex is totally hot
- The social stigma makes me stronger
- The world is changing for the better because of our movement
- I can get away with wearing cute rainbows without worrying about having my sexuality questioned
- I am more secure in my sexuality than 95% of straight guys
- I made my parents better people when they saw what I've been through
- Nothing compared to the feeling I had when I let the world know who I am
- My friends learned how to love me for who I am, no strings attached
- The world is ready for change, and I'm part of that change
- Being gay taught me a lot about others
- It made me more open to differences in others
- Life-changing experiences come with the territory
- If someone hates you for being gay, it only means that they're an idiot and has no reflection upon you
- The man I love is perfect in every way
- I love myself


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I like this list much better. :-)

Hmm... man you love... is that the guy you kissed, but weren't sure if you should go with him cuz he had experience, etc.?


"Be like a postage stamp. Stick to one thing until you get there." -- Josh Billings.

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Yeah :P - One Nation, Under

Yeah :P

- One Nation, Under Darkness, with liberty and justice for white, heterosexual, rich, Christian men

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Glad you pushed through your idyllic fantasy to get to something real... :-)


"Be like a postage stamp. Stick to one thing until you get there." -- Josh Billings.

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Good goin'

Good goin' sweetie.

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I like #1 and 3 === o how it

I like #1 and 3
o how it hurt me sharp in the vein
it would never let me be still and still.

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I totally agree with this ^^

I totally agree with this ^^ I was really pissed when I wrote my list. As much as I hate being gay, I also love it. This list did a good job of summing it up. I'd like to add:
-I can talk about girls with my straight guy friends
-I can offer porn to my straight guy friends
-I get asked for "people-attracted-to-girls" insight at sleepovers

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