I stole a sign and you get a small picture of it. But you must read up to it.

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I am only writing this because I have nothing else to do. And this is my social outlet.
1. I got PAINT on my RECORD while painting my stupid wall. TONIGHT by David Bowie. The side with Blue Jean and Neighborhood Threat aka the good side. sing goddamm
2. I would be so sad if David Bowie died. I can't even tell you how sad I would be. There was a period in 11th grade when I was consumed with this thought. WHy? He's not my family. And still. I can't handle death.
3. Pictures of David Bowie.
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
I just got this huge ass advertisement from photobucket, which almost broke down my computer. Thanks a lot.
4. I hate seeing people I "used to know". o o o
5. I am still studying French. It takes watching a movie in French sometimes to realise how hard it really is. There were abbreviations and slang all around. And the movie was boring.
6. I'm still bored. What am I going to do tomorrow? Sleep until 2 again and go to the mall MAYBE. But probably stay at home and/or go to the library again. I swear if I was their only patron they'd still be fine. I go every day and usually stay 2 hours. It's not even a big library. I don't even like reading.
7. OMG! The "Vote Yes For Marriage" sign I stole from the church!
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This was a long long time ago, back when Virginia was still debating this issue. Why even bring it up? Do they know what Virginia consists of?
8. This is a story. I went to Burger King last night with CC and my friend was being a huge penis. I guess work does that to people but really for someone who TOLD me about the job in the first place she's not trying very hard now to help me get it. I left a message at the place, I called her about it, I even went there and yet something tells me I'm not getting the job. So, today, I have to call one place, give one place my application, and wait for one place to call me. I have all that lined up while most people, like I said before, get called back the next day. FUCK
I don't understand my friends. They get all bitchy ass on me sometimes eh and I am sick of people telling me "you don't want a job, it sucks!"
Well guess what?

I want to move to Canada or England.
And how can I do that without money? I ask you this.
Fucking society. I'm trying to Contribute and no one wants me. CC said it's cos of my spectrum but I tell you that's no excuse for most people.
I see the gayest people on tv anyway working at the most hicksville places, and I think I am pretty feminine SING GODDAMM! What's up with this? I ask you.
I'm carrying a huge grudge at the moment. That will be with me for life. I mean this is scarring. Can you imagine?


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GAH! I remember when those

GAH! I remember when those signs were everywhere....some idiot stuck one of the bumper stickers on one of the seats on the bus. i ripped it off as i walked by....

These gots peanuts and soap in 'um!

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Who doesn't need money?

Who doesn't need money? I really need money to leave philly... gah

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You know what's worse? Other

You know what's worse? Other people complaining about their jobs in front of you, so oblivious to how good they have it to actually be able to get a job.
et après tu chantes pour les saisons, tu chantes à toi-même
tu danses dans l’aube quand le soleil se lève