I think everyone hates my gf....

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Every time that the phone rings once and it's a dial tone they think it's chloe. Every time it's private they think it's chloe. If it's past midnight guess what..............THEY THINK IT'S CHLOE! I mean come on what did she do to them? Is it absolutely mandatory for them to be tracking my every move anyway? January first was the best night that ever happened to me. Ever since then I've handled the situation better, I'm nearly graduated from therapy and I've stopped cutting myself. The only downside is the constant struggle between choosing to make Chloe happy or make Mom happy, and when I try to do both I end up ignoring Chloe. I guess what I really need is advice, and if your idea is for me to break up with Chloe then don't even post. I love her way too much to do that to her or me thank you very much.


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WEll, it doesn't really

WEll, it doesn't really matter if everyone else hates her... you love her. ^^

Whatever I did, I didn't do it.

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just do

what makes YOU happy!