I'm gunna get there someday...

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She tells me she loves me every day, multiple times. We fight only because I start it. But I've always been that way. There are nights where I think I might die from loving her too much. Because anybody else's name on her lips breaks my hearts. We once made a million promises and created our dreams on the silly hopes of 15 year old kids. We're gunna get there someday. Someday we will get it together and we'll turn the world on it's side and change all the rules. I'm learning about love. And sometimes, it's impossible to breath and sometimes I'm head-in-the-clouds to her solid ground.
I spent the night with my friend Grace last night. We stayed up until 3 am talking about everything. Tears and fears and complicated families and 20 questions. I'm not used to just having friends to...chill with...But school starts in a month and it's my senior year and I'm ready to live finally. It's past time. I'm ready for wild nights and silly songs. MIKA! You can't hold still, his songs make me wanna dance. So guy buy (or download) his CD. Tis AMAZING!
I love this girl. She is the gravity to my distant stars. And I'll wait forever.



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Rock on, darlin'. Sounds

Rock on, darlin'. Sounds like you're in a pretty great situation with her, and if you're willing to make the effort for it to work, how can you lose?

Whatever I did, I didn't do it.