in the last six months...

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I'm bored so here's a list of my last six months:

Friends lost - 4
Girlfriends gained - 1
Cigarettes smoked - 800+
Joints smoked - 3
Cones smoked - 60+
Bongs made - 5
E's taken - 8
Raves attended - 2
Alcohol consumed 10-15L
Times cried - 10+
Suspensions served - 2
Detentions served - 1
Times caught smoking - 1
Viewed 'Dead Leaves' - 3
Days wagged - 6+
Hours of school missed - 50-60
People kissed - 7?
Shoes bought - 2
Hours spent online - 600+
Letters written to PM - 1
Replies from PM - 1
Taxi's caught - 11
Slept on beach - 1
Slept in random's apartment - 2
Stolen food from Olympic Park at 4:30am - 1
Myspace quizzed filled out - 30+
Myspace quizzes posted - 10+
Minesweeper Wins - 25+
Coffee's consumed - 100-200 cups
Gig's attended - 2
Money spent without parents knowledge - $1500+
Money earned - $0
Money currently in room - $150?
E's currently in room - 1
Saddys of weed currently in room - 2-3
Bongs currently in room - 1
Condoms currently in room - 2
Had sex - 0
Sushi eaten - 4-5 rolls
Trains caught - 40+
Sudoku's solved - 3
Stuffed toys lost - 2
Dummies chewed up - 4-5

This had ceased to be amusing =[
Looking back on that list, I'm not sure whether to be proud, ashamed, disappointed, suprised or just...yeah.

Much love <3


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How do you remember all this

How do you remember all this stuff?I have trouble remembering what I did yeaterday!

No one can make you feel inferior without your consent-Eleanor Roosevelt

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You life is so much more

You life is so much more exciting than mine.
et après tu chantes pour les saisons, tu chantes à toi-même
tu danses dans l’aube quand le soleil se lève

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Drugs are bad for you. Just

Drugs are bad for you. Just FYI.

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Brain Damage-Priceless (That

Brain Damage-Priceless
(That was a joke I wasn't trying to be an ass)
Sudoku is impossible, how did you solve 3?!
I travel 'round the block
And I'm not looking to my right
I feel the glass against my cheek
And I can't see you in the light
I break my heart around this

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Lol, i don't really remember

Lol, i don't really remember it exactly.
I just think back and count as many as I can and guesstimate from that, maybe i should make a disclaimer :P

and gahh i hated sudoku until my friend started doing them infront of me.
it just takes alot of time =/
(tip - use pencil >< lol)