Inspired by s0careless...100!

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So this list is inspired by s0careless.. it's randomness about me.. that some of you may know some of but not all of etc.

1) I love to sneeze.
2) I can burp on command..
3) As well as fart on command.
4) I enjoy attempting to act butch.
5) I feel really happy when someone calls me butch.
6) I'm a lesbian (hence the reason i'm on the site).
7) My mother, sister, friends, dog, and some members of my mom's side of teh family know..
8) My dad doesn't know, his gf doesn't nor do her kids. I'm pretty sure my aunt (dad's sister) is on to me but i dunno.
9) I use "......" way to often.
10) I can't just use one exclamation mark i use at least two!!
11) The same is true for question marks.
12) I want to people who use the word seen the wrong way. "I seen a dog over there" NO THE FUCK YOU DIDN"T!! You SAW a dog over there!!
13) I always feel like i'm in competition with someone else even though it's all in my head.
14) My grammar sucks, as well as punctuation and spelling.
15) Sometimes i'm still afraid of the dark.. mostly when i'm home alone at night.
16) I have a love hate relationship with drama.. i love it and need it but too much and i'm ready to kill myself.
17) I lie alot to my friends because i feel like i can never measure up to them so i tell little white lies (not even consiously).
18) I used to be addicted to porn.
19) I enjoy going into chat rooms leading some guy on getting him all ready to cyber or going half way through a cyber then saying.. "I'm a lesbian" and then leaving.
20) I love christmas.
21) I listen to christmas music all year long.
22) I love music.
23) I play clarinet and am in grade 9/10 clarinet.
24) I also play piano. I'm skipping grade 2 and going to my grade 3 exam so that i can have documents for uni.
25) I can play Bass Clarinet and Tenor Sax pretty well and i know only a few notes or a couple scales on Alto Sax, Trumpet, French Horn, Baritone.
26) I can't play the flute to save my life.
27) I only liked music in elementary school because my sister did.
28) I've always wanted to teach at an elementary school.
29) I'm now considering becoming a music therapist.
30) I plan on going away for university.
31) I'm so scared to go away.
32) I don't feel comfortable talking to my mom but we are still close- we spend alot of time together.
33) I can't spend more then about 48 hours away from her without bursting into tears.
34) My eyes are blue.
35) My eyes are green.
36) My eyes switch from blue to green and many shades in between.
37) I love the L word.
38) I love One Tree Hill.
39) I LOVE 7th Heaven.
40) I love tv shows...
41) I plan my scheduale around what's on tv.
42) I love movies.
43) I own way too many dvds.
44) My hair is brown.
45) When i was young it was dirty blonde.
46) I've dyed my hair many colors.
47) I've dyed my hair blue, purple, pink etc.
48) This is really hard for me.
48) I have a dog named Danzzo.
49) My faourite movie is RENT.
50) I have two fav onstage musicals- Rent and Mamma Mia (i've seen mamma mia 4 times.. everytime it comes to town)
51) I'm stopping here until tomorrow or later.