Just one of those days

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For some reason today at work, the entire staff including the managers were out of their minds! The store manager almost fell on her ass while entering through the door. I'm guessing she forgot that the construction workers had pulled the tile from the floors.

Yeah so anyway,I got yelled at by some lady for getting her order wrong, who didn't even notice that I did not have a headset on to even take her order,nor was I even near a computer. My job today was to hand out the food and drinks and take the money...simple as that!

Onto the next thing,I did decide to call "Hazard Girl". I called her on my lunch break and she came up to the store about an hour later, supposedly to get some food for a friend,yeah right! We made plans to hang out Friday downtown. I also had a once in a lifetime run in with an old crush of mine who I never though knew I existed since I was a sophomore and she was senior then,but suprisingly she knew who I was as soon as she saw me, and she didn't even look at my name tag!

Next subject is my ex, who is very pissy right now,since school has started up again,now she's a high school senior and has a bunch of girl drama,which is no surprise since all of her ex's except me still go to school with her. She called me up complaining how one girl is being all needy,one's being bitchy, and another was rubbing on her in the hallway all day. Now she thinks she has found a new target,named Lori, who happens to be a friend of mine,oh joy. I have noticed that with every girl she meets and dates are all connected to one another in some small way.

Last but not least, I am moving back to Vancouver,Washington next week so I am pumped up and my friends and coworkers are just as excited to see me go! No more having to worry about little old me getting locked out.